OBAMA Trump bashing tour FAILS!

Chinese Media Embarrasses Obama, Reports His Anti-Trump Tour Across Asia Was a Total Disaster

Kirsters Baish| President Donald Trump recently made his arrival back in the United States after an extremely successful two-week trip to Asia. During his trip he met with many leaders from different countries. Not only did former President Barack Obama speak out against Trump’s trip, but he felt that it was acceptable to visit the same leaders of Asia on his own tour which did not go anywhere near as well. This many is truly pathetic.

The South China Morning Post reported:

“Obama, who championed a ‘pivot to Asia’ policy that Beijing viewed as a bid to contain its ambitions and critics say was largely a failure, said China had made impressive achievements… Relations between Obama and Xi were outwardly positive but were underscored by tensions over Washington’s concerns about human rights in China and the South China Sea disputes.”

Xi stated for the state-run news Xinhua, in which he gave a brief explanation of their meeting.

“Stressed that China and the United States have an important responsibility to safeguard world peace and stability, as well as boost global development and prosperity,” Xinhua wrote.

They added that Obama “thanked Xi for meeting with him and appreciated China’s development achievements.”

Bloomberg Politics stated, “Obama told Xi that he was willing to play a continued role in strengthening mutual understanding, exchange, and cooperation between the two nations.”

Regarding this meeting, we can conclude only one thing. Obama is a shameless person to go where Trump went and to leave a different impression which makes America biased.

How can someone who is not the President make such a ‘brave’ actions? Trump is our only President and Obama has nothing to do here. Instead of enjoying his pension which should be taken away, by the way, he acts like the President of the US.

Read the rest at: Anti-Trump Tour!

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