Im dreaming of a Black Christmas?

Melina Abdullah, a professor of Pan-African studies at the University of California-Los Angeles, recently wrote an op-ed that called for a “Black Christmas” protest against “White Capitalism.”

Abdullah said that the protest would be a collective blow against President Donald Trump, who she said represents an economic system that “literally kills [black] people.”

The Root, a popular black website, repeated Abdullah’s call for a Black Christmas, but the idea is hardly new. Black activists have encouraged a Christmas season-boycott every yearthat I can remember. When I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn, I heard “woke”relatives and community members encourage the same action.

Professor Abdullah’s claim that capitalism literally kills blacks ignores American successes such as Michael Jackson, Booker T. Washington, Tristan Walker, Oprah Winfrey, and George Washington Carver, but we should use her call for a Black Christmas as an opportunity to glance at some of the crosscurrents in the black political conscience.

For conservatives who only hear another SJW doubling-down on neo-segregationist invective, a descriptive analysis of why blacks have called for a “Black Christmas” is in order.

To begin, I should state something blacks all know, but seldom admit in front of white audiences: black Americans’ status as a consumer class is a national shame. When I sit for my haircut in my predominantly black area of Bedford-Stuyvesant, I may hear my barber say something like, “Man, y’all need to stop spending [your] money on bullshit and leave something for your kids.”

It’s worth mentioning that these conversations seldom scapegoat whites. Gentrification stirs similar sentiments among many blacks because the millions of dollars that sparked the Brooklyn Renaissance didn’t come from inside the black community.

Are the black men at my barbershop spreading malignant black stereotypes?

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