Facebook posts Fake News about Trump – Where are those fact checkers!

Two weeks ago, the Facebook super gods who hide behind computer screens and keyboards blocked me from my Facebook account without any explanation.  As a result, I was blocked from the 1.350 million people who count on me for news and political insight.

I never received any warning from Facebook; I never received an explanation; I never received a response from Facebook that answered my questions regarding why I was shut out.   They just turned me off — and — that — is — that.

Finally, I contacted a guy in the ads department at Facebook.  He told me that I was put in Facebook jail for “posting high levels of spam from my personal account.”  Problem is, I don’t use my personal Facebook account.  In other words, it was total BS.   I was blocked by Facebook because I am a conservative — that’s my take.  There is no other explanation.

That said, imagine what would happen to my account if I posted a fake news story that caused the stock market to drop 350 points.  Is it not fair to say I’d be immediately blocked from using Facebook — banned forever, never allowed to return?

Last year, Facebook partnered with a number of left-leaning news outlets that provide the social network with fact-checking services.  One of those partners is ABC News.

On Friday, Facebook’s fact-checking partner reported fake news that caused the stock market to drop significantly, thus, causing incredible losses for investors worldwide.

The false report was made by ABC News Friday morning.  But ABC News didn’t correct themselves until Friday evening even though it was clear by afternoon that the story was fake.

The false report stated that Donald Trump, as a candidate for president, had asked General Michael Flynn to make contact with Russians.  It wasn’t until “World News Tonight,” that ABC News investigative reporter Brian Ross said the source who had provided the initial information for his story later told him that it was as president-elect, not as a candidate, that Trump asked Flynn to contact the Russians.

ABC News was called out by its fellow liberals for posting false information.

Read more at: Fake News


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