Disgraced Democrat wants to chose his replacement!

When it comes to the deviant democrats, the old saying about the apple falling near the tree seems to fit perfectly.

Over the course of 2017, there has been a widespread sexual awakening in America in which victims of perverse sexual predators are no longer allowing their abusers to run amok in the world at large.  Some of the most powerful men on the planet have been accused of inappropriate and unacceptably aggressive sexual behavior in recent weeks, including an enormous multitude of democratic deities.

Beginning with Hillary chum and Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused by now ninety plus women, and trickling on down to Minnesota Senator Al Franken, there are no shorts of deplorable and despicable democrats to choose from.

Now, as House Rep. John Conyers has stepped down due to his own controversial actions, he has endorsed his son to run for his now-vacant congressional seat.  There’s only one problem, however, and it has to do with that old “apple and the tree” scenario.

“John Conyers III, a Detroit hedge fund manager named as a possible successor to his scandal-rocked father, Rep. John Conyers Jr., was arrested in Los Angeles this year on suspicion of domestic violence, but prosecutors declined to charge him, according to documents first obtained by NBC News.

“The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office cited a ‘lack of independent witnesses’ and concluded that it ‘could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the victim’s injury was not accidentally sustained’ while Conyers was disarming her, according to case paperwork.

“In addition, prosecutors said the victim had no visible injuries beyond a small stab wound to a lower biceps and no other independent witnesses to what she described as earlier pushing and shoving by Conyers III.”

This disturbing domestic incident is just the latest in a long line of democratic missteps on the road to true, constitutionally-protected equality.

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