California woes! BLAME Brown or Global Climate Warming!

CA Governor Jerry Brown Official Portrait
CA Governor Jerry Brown Official Portrait

California Gov. Jerry Brown says the wildfires once again burning his state to the ground are “a new reality in this state.” And this may well be true, but if so, it won’t be the fault of global warming, as Brown argues. Rather, the fires are a consequence of the governor’s willingness to watch his state smolder so he can score new talking points to help validate his belief in global warming.

After all, there’s plenty Brown could be doing to prevent forest fires — all of which he refuses to do.

At a press conference Saturday, Brown said the only way to stop forest fires in California is for the United States to take “heroic” action by taking the lead on a Kyoto Protocol-type global warming treaty that mandates reduced global carbon dioxide emissions. His argument is that reducing man-made CO2 emissions could eventually reduce the temperature of the planet, and thus result in a reduced risk of forest fires in California.

“It requires everyone in the whole world,” Brown said, to help combat California forest fires.

Brown’s fealty to global warming orthodoxy is so complete that he’s subjecting his state’s fate to far-off theoretical solutions, even as strategies tested over the course of millennia are readily available.

Here are five ways Brown could reduce the risk of fires in California — without waiting for a global kumbaya moment.

— Hydration vs. Drainage. Over the course of most of human history, societies have attempted to collect water at various altitudes (through terraces, reservoirs, farm ponds, etc.) to hydrate their landscapes and ensure the viability of crops. Over the last 50 years, the federal government has begun viewing water management more as a drainage issue, pushing regulations that shuttle free-standing water to streams and rivers that ultimately empty into the ocean.

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