Anti-abortion Bill Veto in the works for PA?

Tom Wolf is the Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania. Like most Democrats, Wolf is very outspoken for abortion, caring nothing about the murder of so many innocent unborn children nor is he concerned about the excruciating pain the unborn child experiences while having its limbs brutally ripped away from its tiny body.

Wolf has said that if any anti-abortion or pro-life bill comes to his desk that he will veto it. Like so many other Democrats, he believes his personal agenda is more important that the will of the majority of the legislature or majority of residents in the state.

His strong pro-abortion stance could soon come to a head as the state legislature appears to be on the verge of passing just such a bill.

“An Act amending Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in abortion, further providing for definitions, for medical consultation and judgment and for the offense of abortion on unborn child of 24 or more weeks gestational age, providing for dismemberment abortion ban and further providing for reporting.”

Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director for Pennsylvania Pro-Life Foundation explains what SB 3 really says and does:

“Senate Bill 3 is a very important piece of legislation that would mean that preborn babies would no longer have to undergo the gruesome practice of dismemberment abortion. That’s an abortion when a baby is ripped limb by limb from the mother’s womb.” 

The bill points to studies that have indicated that most unborn babies can feel intense pain at just 20 weeks of gestation and some even earlier than that.

SB 3 has passed the Senate and it has been passed by the House Health Committee who recommended the bill go to the floor of the House for full vote. If passed, SB 3 will go to the desk of Gov Wolf.

Gallagher explains what is likely to happen then:

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