White Heterosexual men need NOT apply at the DNC!

Despite federal laws forbidding racial discrimination, a memo sent by Madeleine Leader — Data Service Manager for the Democratic National Committee — noted that the party’s alleged commitment to diversity does not extend to white heterosexual males. The memo said that the DNC is seeking to hire personnel to fill positions on its technology team that include: Chief Security Officer, IT Systems Administrator, and Product Manager.

The email said that the party wants a “staff of diverse voices and life experiences.” However, this apparently does not extend to “cisgender straight white males.” Leader wrote in her closing remarks, “I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, as they are already in the majority.” “Cisgender” is a term referring to someone who adheres to his or her sex as identified at birth, i.e. not transgender.



Isn’t this a form of discrimination? Is this like “Affirmative Gender Action” ? Doesn’t the comment “There are already enough straight white guys already” speak volumes?

Doesnt the DNC or the “party” as a whole want people from all walks of life and all sizes, shapes colors and more?

If they are OK with kind of action and speech then why did they hide it? Why try to keep it from getting out to the general public.

Has the party become sooooo far left that it cant imagine having the “Old White Folks” in power or even in positions of authority anymore?

I guess they really aren’t interested in the person who is best foe the job, the want the one that fits nice and neatly in the Politically Correct peg hole they have created.

So as for me being a conservative republican I am good with this. Very good with this. You see if they keep pushing for people of color only, non gender conforming, non white blah blah blah blah blah.. It means they are NOT looking for the best person for the job!

Thank you Perez and team!

Read the rest at: Heterosexuals need not apply


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