Wanted: Legislators like Monte Hall

Them alligators are loose in the swampy halls of Congress!

Whatever President Trump proposes is dead on arrival with the Democrats, regardless of any potential benefit for Americans, and the Republicans aren’t getting their act together.  Whatever comes out of Washington serves to benefit the lobbyists, disregarding the American voters.  Where is the spirit of Monte “Let’s Make a Deal” Hall?

Only those Congress people who once actually worked for a living and managed a business understand the role of negotiation in striking a great deal (and community organizer, trust fund baby, career politician are not among that group).  How hard are they really trying to work with President Trump in fixing America?  Granted, many Republicans are, but it’s the RINO’s and clueless Democrats that are impediments to progress.  President Trump wrote The Art of the Deal… has anyone in Congress bothered to ready and understand its message?

The President makes a proposal.  It’s not cast in stone, regardless of what pundits propagandize.  No need to run around with hair afire.  He expects thoughtful counter offers and proposals, but will steer the negotiation in the direction that promises the best result for the American people (and probably his family, as he is after all human).  After give and take, a great deal is created – and the absolute BEST deal would be one crafted by both fiscally conservative Republicans and socially aware Democrats.

Most of the blame for the lack of progress lies on the huge obligation placed on elected officials to the massive donations they seem to need to get elected.  Those donations don’t come without a LOT of strings and a cadre of lobbyists who will write legislation for the lazy legislators who don’t even bother reading many of the bills they vote upon.  It’s not just a swamp, but it’s a swamp filled with bulls#!t.

Want to really fix health care?  Look at controlling costs, improving quality and using efficient automation.  Toyota does this manufacturing their vehicles, Samsung their electronics.  Subsidizing insurance is NOT the way to accomplish affordable, improved health care!  Why does a hospital bed in a semi-private room cost $4,000 a day while an all-inclusive stay at a five-star hotel is under $600 a day?  Perhaps an absence of competition and secretive pricing?  Why does a prescription pill cost $2.65 in the UK but over $300 in the USA where its manufactured?  Is your physician taking advantage of advancements in medical artificial intelligence for assisting with diagnoses?  Why are some charitable non-profit hospital chains sitting on BILLIONS of reserves (yet still charge huge fees and ask for donations).

Taxes… why do so many middle-income filers now have to complete the incredibly complex Alternative Minimum Tax forms?  The AMT was implemented in 1969 because 155 (yes, just 155) people with incomes over $200,000 did not pay any federal tax thanks to loopholes and allowances in the tax code.  In 1970, the AMT hit 19,000 people.  Today, the AMT hits 4 million tax payers (and many super wealthy people still pay less tax than average Americans!)  Clearly the tax code is BROKEN.  President Trump proposed an architecture for greatly simplifying tax filing.  I’m against increasing the national debt, as interest on it alone eats up $432 BILLION dollars annually!  That is half of what is paid out in Social Security benefits ($850 billion) and 2/3 of what is paid for national defense ($603 billion).  And it will only get worse as interest rates go up, thanks to the massive debt amassed by Presidents Bush and Obama.

Again, get political impediments out of the way and devise a fair and simple tax solution to “pay as we go”.  Debt is OK as long as it’s for investments in infrastructure or other long-lasting uses with the intention to retire the debt (like the mortgage on your house).  Using debt to spend for deferrable programs is insanity.  It’s like taking a mortgage to buy groceries.  Everyone should pay at least something as the privilege of enjoying citizenship in America with its freedom and liberties.  Complex tax laws only benefit those with money to hire the best accountants, lawyers and lobbyists to avoid paying a fair share.

Is President Trumps tax plan perfect?  No, but it’s a great start and step forward to making an historical improvement that should be embraced by all true representatives of we the people.  Again, the spirit of Monte Hall needs to be invoked to “Let’s Make a Deal!”

Walt Watson resides in rural Northern California where one still finds clean air and pure water, devoid of the distractions and crowded rat lifestyle of urban / suburban living and where community is more important than political affiliation. 

Walt Watson resides in rural Northern California where one still finds clean air and pure water, devoid of the distractions and crowded rat lifestyle of urban / suburban living and where community is more important than political affiliation.