Students attempt to annihilate Aztec mascot

A task force at San Diego State University (SDSU) led by the Native American Student Alliance (NASA) made another attempt last week to suspend the use of the Aztec mascot.

This is the second time in just over six months that NASA has submitted a resolution to the Associate Students Student Government demanding the retirement of the Aztec mascot.

On November 7, SDSU Senate members voted to pass a two-part resolution demanding the university retire all human representations of the Aztec Warrior and accompanying symbols. Additionally, the Senate demanded the establishment of a task force to explore issues associated with the use of the Aztec moniker, and the creation of an educational component to be offered through the Associated Students and Division of Student Affairs.

In 2005, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) adopted a policy prohibitingNCAA colleges and universities from displaying hostile and abusive racial, ethnic, or national origin mascots, nicknames, or imagery at any of the 88 NCAA championships.

“The NCAA objects to institutions using racial/ethnic/national origin references in their intercollegiate athletics programs,” said then-NCAA President Myles Brand. “Several institutions have made changes that adhere to the core values of the NCAA Constitution pertaining to cultural diversity, ethical sportsmanship and nondiscrimination. We applaud that, and we will continue to monitor these institutions and others.”

SDSU, however, was not one of the 18 universities that the NCAA identified as using Native American imagery or references. The SDSU Student Diversity Commission claimed that then-SDSU President Stephen Weber avoided the ban by being intellectually dishonest when he wrote in a letter that “the Aztecs are not a Native American or American Indian culture…however, the Aztecs are central to the cultural heritage of Mexico.”

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