2 Million Rounds of Ammo found! Guess where?

*****  SNOPES CLAIMS ITS FALSE ***  But you decide!

According to an insider report from the office of the Quartermaster at the Pentagon, the 2 million rounds of ammunition that “went missing” during Obama’s reign of terror were seized by US forces in Afghanistan and have been returned to the military inventory.

Brig. General George Mason’s assistant Chief of Staff all but confirmed the report, saying that the matter has been turned over to those in charge of accountability. She hinted that this is exactly the kind of thing that could end up before Congress:

“This was a huge violation of the public trust, not to mention an incredibly bold theft from the US taxpayer. Sources say the Taliban paid nearly a dollar a round. Someone in Obama’s circle pocketed that money.

LLOD correspondent Skip Tetheluda contacted Congressman Trey Gowdy’s office, who would not confirm or deny any of the allegations. Angela Corning, Gowdy’s publicist, says the Congressman would certainly be eager to look into the details if this pans out, which is looking pretty good right about now.

The ammo went missing in early spring, 2010, while Hillary Clinton was still Secretary of State. The issue was handled as an “inventory discrepancy” and swept under the rug. Well…that rug has been lifted and what’s underneath is just…filthy.

See the video at: Missing Ammo


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