First of all, take a look at Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the allegations of sexual misconduct and rape recently made public about Harvey Weinstein. Hillary fully supported husband Bill when it became public knowledge that he had an adulterous affair while President and in the Oval Office. In the course of that investigation, it was revealed the Monika Lewinski wasn’t Bill’s only sexual victim, but Hillary defended him all the way. Then she was instantly critical about the sexual allegations made against Donald Trump last year during the presidential campaign, even before any of them could be proven or disproven. It turned out that most of them were made by liberal Democrats trying to smear him and keep him from winning the election.

However, when it comes to Harvey Weinstein, we have a number of hypocrisies on Hillary’s part. While she was so quick to attack Trump, it took it 5 days after the news on Weinstein became public knowledge. Why the delay? Everyone in the film industry has said that Weinstein’s sexual predation was common knowledge, and with it being common knowledge, Clinton had no problem accepting Weinstein’s campaign contributions of around $46,000. ONLY after it became public knowledge, did Hillary say her campaign would return Weinstein’s donation, however, he also donated up to $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation and that money is not being returned. Perhaps the reason is that the foundation is what’s supporting the Clintons at this time.

Perhaps there is no greater hypocrisy within the Democratic Party as their stand on gun control, DACA and the protection of illegal aliens.

The main reason Democrats claim their push for more gun control is to reduce gun violence, mass shootings and save lives. If that is true, then why do they fight so hard to protect the millions of illegal aliens here in the US, when a sizeable number of them are committing horrible crimes including rape, child molestation, sexual assault, physical assault, robbery and murder?

In 2014, the Immigration, Customs Enforcement agents deported 409,849 illegals. In 2016, that number dropped to only 240,255 because Obama knew Democrats needed their votes, even though it was illegal for them to vote.

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