The Enemy Within

It’s like having a teammate who desires nothing but the best for the team you need to beat.

DNC, Silent Protest, Bernie Sanders, Media
DNC, Silent Protest, Bernie Sanders, Media

Just how strong are we as a nation if we were needing to put our attention, our thoughts into defending it?

When we think of that question and consider within our hearts a pure and simple answer, there is a place that we like to go to. And, by the way, it hasn’t changed over the years.

We seem to look at something that we have learned about throughout the years. Something that we have been fortunate to experience, having lived within this amazing country; the times in school or through our family, where we were blessed to learn and study the men and women who were a part of it.

Gazing as children or young adults, sitting in a theatre or leaning back on our couch watching on our television set, at the millions of yards of film that witnessed firsthand the individual stories and what seems to be infinite numbers of tragedies. But also through the years, the victories won and surrenders received at the hands of other countries. And yet, most of us “civilians” as we think about it really have no clue how it all fits together and works. Yet it is what, for our sake, keeps us secured and protects our rights…

And that would be our military.

But I think there is more to it, than just our military that would keep us protected. I think there is more that can and would keep us strong. And that would be…

A united or “indivisible” people. One. Cannot and will not be divided.

Without this unity, there is something that can take us down without one hand lifted up by an another country or a terrorist, and that is something we could have never imagined in our past. I call it…

The enemy within. This is…

The percentages of Americans who think war is never necessary.


The media that agrees with that percentage of American.

These two “demographics”, if you will, can become our country’s worst and most powerful enemy. That is why I call them, “The Enemy Within.”

They are our own citizens, living within our borders. Parents of the millions of children within our schools. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and media powerhouses. And, of course, let’s not forget the young men and women who see nothing but butterflies landing on the shoulders of those who wish nothing but our harm and destruction and will use terror, with these young people’s help, to make it happen.

It’s like having a teammate who desires nothing but the best for the team you need to beat.

Men and women who believe war is never necessary and will protest it even though leaders of other countries hate and despise us. They hate war. Even though helpless men and women are being tortured and killed because they see that life is not meant to be in bondage.

These people who feel war is never an option are those who see that borders are not necessary, we should strive for peace, and everyone should be able to “just get along.” They think, let’s all sing Kumbaya and stay with an “open door policy,” even if those who cross our border are out to do one thing… destroy us, our traditions and any memory of men and women who helped shaped our wonderful country.

Enablers… those who encourage and protect negative behavior… this is an enemy in America.

This is what can, and maybe has up to this point, become our worst adversary. Our own people.

The Enemy Within.

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