Should Parents Use Muzzles To Keep Their Babies Quiet In Public?

Silence is golden.  But is it preventable?  For young children — babies, especially — loud noises are part of their culture.  In fact, unusual quietness in a baby can oftentimes be seen as sign of something being not quite right.  Still, people can be stubborn.  The world apparently revolves around their eardrums.  And the prospect of donning toddlers’ mouths with muzzles has entered the conversation.  Should it be fine for parents to buffer their baby’s blaring?  Keep reading to find out why or why not masking babies for the sake of silence is or isn’t a good idea.

Noise pollution. The world is filled with so many kinds of noises. In a way, noise has become something of a pollutant, clogging up the airwaves, around every corner and oftentimes inescapable. And one major contributing factor to the noise is, as we all know, us. Especially the younger versions of us — the babies.

Should we shut ’em up? Crying babies have become tethered to situations like horrible airplane rides, annoying trips to the mall and disrupted movie theaters. But if there was a way to keep them quiet, should people get on board? Would muffling a baby’s cry be the world-saving gift we all needed?

The Baby Muzzle. There’s a Japanese product available called The Baby Muzzle which is designed primarily for newborns to 3-year-olds — specifically, newborns to 3-year-olds who won’t stop crying. But is this product an easy fix or a bigger problem?

Muzzling the problem. The Baby Muzzle works similarly to the way noise-reducing headphones work. It cuts out noise frequencies and gives parents some volume vacation. No more need to shush the baby. There’s a product that’ll do it for you.

The baby mask. It might seem like an easy fix to eradicate a baby’s cry, but crying is actually vital for a healthy baby. It’s a significant part of communication, even when it seems like anything but. Enduring is actually important.

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