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Dem Congressman Fails to Impress Tucker, Then Refuses to Leave Set in Hilarious Interview

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s nightly program has nearly become “must-watch” TV these days as he frequently invites on guests to engage in debates that inevitably end up becoming Democrat debacles as leftist talking points are exposed and often destroyed.

One of Carlson’s semi-regular opponents is Democrat California Rep. Brad Sherman, and his appearance on the program Thursday night was extraordinary in that Sherman was amiably belligerent throughout the discussion. But he then failed to leave the set when his segment was over, interjecting himself into the next guest’s segment until it was time to cut to commercials.

According to Fox News, the fireworks started when Carlson tried to get Sherman to discuss the latest revelations in the “Russia collusion” story, namely that the failed campaign of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee were financially tied to the largely debunked “Trump dossier.”

But Sherman initially refused to discuss that topic, instead harping on a yet-to-be-released GOP tax plan and repeatedly mentioning the Articles of Impeachment he’s drafted for alleged obstruction of justice on the part of President Donald Trump.

The liberal-leaning Mediaite reported that Sherman took the show “off the rails” with his behavior and repeated refusal to respond to straight questions with straight answers.

However, even as that particular segment eventually ended, Sherman’s contribution to the show did not. He stuck around during the next segment, an interview of Washington Examiner columnist Byron York, according to a separate report from Mediaite.

York, able to remain on topic, engaged with Carlson on the issue at hand — Democrat ties to the opposition research firm that hired the guy who compiled the infamous dossier. However, Sherman tried repeatedly to interject himself to rehash his push for impeaching Trump.

“Just tell me you are a little embarrassed by these revelations,” urged Carlson to Sherman. But the congressman fired back: “I’m not embarrassed at all.”

“I’m embarrassed we’re not here talking about impeaching a president, the things that are important to the American people, not whether the last candidate for president had a good campaign or didn’t have a campaign,” stated Sherman.

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