Senator says Trump’s Cabinet should Resign if they Can’t Do This

As President Donald Trump prepares to de-certify Iran’s compliance with a 2015 pact to limit its nuclear program, a like-minded Republican senator is telling cabinet members to get on board with the decision, or get out.

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas has been a key outside adviser to the White House on a range of foreign policy issues, particularly on how to approach the Iran nuclear deal it inherited from the Obama administration. One of the leading Iran hawks in Congress, Cotton has urged Trump to de-certify Tehran’s compliance so lawmakers can revisit the terms of the deal and possibly renegotiate for tougher nuclear restrictions.

That counsel is at odds with what Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have publicly said about the agreement. Both men, who have themselves been sharply critical of the Iranian regime, say it is in the national security interests of the U.S. to keep the deal in place.

But Cotton says Mattis and Tillerson will have to find a way to support and execute Trump’s decision to de-certify, which the president appears likely to do later this week. If they can’t, he says, they should step aside for others who can.

“When you’re a cabinet member, when you’re a senior advisor in the White House, and the president is right, you should help him achieve his objectives and run with his thinking,” Cotton told Susan Glasser on her Global POLITICO podcast. “When you think the president is wrong, you have a duty to try to present to him the best facts and the best thinking to help him see it in a different light. Maybe you can, but if he doesn’t, and he says, ‘No, I want to do it my way,’ then your job is to move out and execute. And if you feel strongly enough, then you have to resign.”

Cotton’s remarks neatly capture the longstanding rift within the administration over the fate of the Iran deal, with Trump and some national security council advisers on one side and the Pentagon and Foggy Bottom on the other. Though he has reluctantly certified Iran’s compliance on two previous occasions, Trump appears ready to make good on his threat to ask Congress modify or terminate an agreement he considers to be fatally flawed.

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