Saudi women driving is all a smokescreen to erase Christian history

Hullabaloo over Saudi Women driving was meant to keep you from learning about Saudi war crimes and Shi'a ties to Christianity

Muslim, Women, Children, Islam, Burqa
Muslim, Women, Children, Islam, Burqa

While Americans were cheering the idea of Saudi Arabian women being allowed to drive, Arabic Twitter and Facebook were posting the truth, and laughing at yet another scam to fool westerners.

Hullabaloo over Saudi Women driving was meant to keep you from learning about Saudi war crimes and Shi’a ties to Christianity…

The official Saudi decree made last week only called for the creation of a committee that would then make recommendations regarding how to implement driver’s licenses to women.

Women will not be able to obtain a driver’s license until June of 2018. Meanwhile, the committee will decide the “rules”, including what the qualifications will be, and, whether they must be accompanied by a male guardian when they drive.

Currently, it is still illegal for women to drive and is punishable according to Saudi laws. But the real issue, which will be decided some time before June 2018, is whether women will be permitted to drive alone.

It is illegal for a Saudi Arabian woman to leave the house without permission of a male guardian. And, when she does get this permission she must be accompanied by a male guardian.

So, will the committee keep these laws in regards to driving?

Will she need permission from a male guardian to drive, even if she obtains a driver’s license? Will she be allowed to drive alone? And, what happens if she stops at the market? How can she get out of the car alone without a male guardian?

How will allowing women to get a driver’s license remain in keeping with Saudi Arabia’s extremely strict Guardianship Laws?

This misleading hullabaloo over women being allowed to drive came at the exact time that the UN’s Human Rights Council was deciding whether to investigate war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen. This was no coincidence. The hullabaloo was meant to deter the western public from knowing the Truth about Saudi Arabian war crimes, and not just in Yemen, but inside Saudi Arabia.

Most western media gave credit for the idea of allowing women to drive to Saudi crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman. Western media portrays Prince Salman positively, calling him the “Reform Prince”. But Salman is responsible for the war crimes in Yemen, the bombing of schools, hospitals and civilian infrastructure, and resulting in mass civilian death and enormous outbreaks of disease due to the destruction of hospitals and infrastructure (Yemenis live in rubble, trash and their own waste products).

Western media also never mentions the enormous rise of Saudi civilian anger regarding the ethnic cleansing of the Shi’a population inside Saudi Arabia at the hands of Prince Salman.

Salmon has been making the decisions in Saudi Arabia because of the current King’s ongoing health issues and his bouts of Alzheimer’s. Prince Salman will officially be replacing his father very soon. And this is partly the reason for this push to see Prince Salman as a “reformer” — a good guy — when he most certainly isn’t.

This last week, Saudi Arabia threatened 47 members of the United Nations Human Rights Council if they voted in favor of a resolution to launch a UN-supervised investigation into Yemen. Saudi Arabia has demanded that Saudi Arabia investigate war crimes in Yemen. Yes, the perpetrator of the war crimes wants to investigate the war crimes themselves!

The U.S. and UK were “silent” and did not back an international investigation of rights abuses and war crimes in Yemen. Might this be because the U.S. and UK are the major suppliers of weapons for the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen?

Thus, the U.S. and UK were the biggest to promote the hullabaloo over women driving in Saudi Arabia, although it is still against the law, hasn’t been decided whether they will need “permission”, and, whether they will be able to get out of the car without a guardian.

The U.S. is also silent in regards to the genocide occurring inside Saudi Arabia. This, too, is because the U.S. is supplying the weapons used to conduct the genocide.

Saudi Arabia is targeting Shi’a villages in the country, bulldozing the villages, displacing the people, and killing large numbers of them.

The attacks on Shi’a in Saudi Arabia started in 2011, when Sunni Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood wanted to wipe out Shi’a everywhere possible. The MB in Egypt massacred large numbers of Shi’a in 2012 when they took power.

Starting in 2011, Muslim Brotherhood leaders began making announcements to their members in 80 different countries via their official website to kill Shi’a where ever they find them. Shi’a are considered to be infidels.

Why are they infidels? Because they have similarities to Christianity. And, they often live in villages (peacefully) side by side with Christians. Similar to Christianity, Shi’a have special Saints they believe in, and they pray to these Saints, to name only a few things that irk Sunni Islamists.

Most all middle eastern countries were predominantly Christian at one point. Yes, there were still pockets of paganism, Zoroastrianism, and of course Judaism, but those were small minorities. Christians were the majority throughout the mid-east and north Africa.

From 200-400 AD/CE, Egyptian Christians corresponded often with the Christians of Yemen. There is a wealth of documentation that Christianity was the majority, was widespread, and that Christians corresponded with each other, even very long distance. Syria also is intensely rich with Christianity’s history.

The split in Islam that Muslims talk about is “created” (made up). The truth is, many pagan Arab tribes that began migrating out of Arabia and into Syria, Yemen and the Near East, converted to Christianity. The first Arab governor in Syria was Christian. The “split” wasn’t about Islamic Doctrine, it was about Christian Doctrine. Christian Doctrine was being fought over during the period when Arabs migrated out of Arabia and into the Levant.

Was Christ both human and divine in one person? What was the nature of Christ? And what about the Trinity? This period of time was intense with debate and it was during this period that the idea of ‘There is no God but God’ came about–this statement was not created via Islam as Muslims will tell you, but created by Christians in the Levant.

Christians in Syria (and the Levant), Yemen and Egypt were against the doctrine that was believed by, and enforced by, their Byzantine rulers. The Byzantine church held the doctrine of Dyophysitism (that Christ had two separate natures, divine and human). But the majority of the Near East held the Monophysite doctrine (that Christ had one nature, the divine and the human miraculously joined). Arab Christians took part in this religious split and took sides.

Some 200 years later, Muslim writers called this split Shi’a vs. Sunni and changed the true history of what actually took place.

Now, where ever you find Shi’a, Sunnis want to kill them off, because Shi’a history shows they were Christian in origin.

Starting in the 1960’s and into the early 1970’s, both western and Muslim archeologists went to Mecca to see what they could dig up. They discovered that there was no Mecca before, during, or during the first 200 years after the alleged life of Muhammad.

Thus a ban began about 50 years ago that no one could do archeological digs in Mecca. They didn’t want the truth to be known–that Mecca did not exist before, during, or the period after the life of Muhammad when supposedly Islam was well-established.

The oldest mosque in Yemen was renovated in the 1970’s and scholars from Europe were invited to help decipher what was found sealed up in an attic of the mosque. Old Qurans were found, scientifically dated about 671 AD/CE. But they weren’t really Qurans. They were what’s called palimpsests.

In those days people wrote on top of other manuscripts because they didn’t have paper and to preserve papyrus they reused it over and over, smearing/covering the old, and writing on top of it.

The scholars found writings on top of writings that documented the evolution of the Quran. It began as Christian liturgy. This is why the Quran has much reference to Christian and Judaic history in it (though changed over time to suit Islam).

Over time, the Quran evolved from Christian liturgy to an Islamic ideology of dominance and power via violence and holy war (jihad). They kept re-writing it, getting rid of Christianity and changing it, resulting in what is now the Quran as we know it today.

The Quran was never revelations from Allah given to Muhammad.

This is why Saudi Arabia is trying to destroy Yemen, who houses these ancient Qurans, and why Saudi Arabia is trying to totally destroy Yemen’s history–including its Christian roots that document the Quran’s true origin and history.

And, this is why Saudi Arabia is killing off their own Shi’a population. The villages that Prince Salman orders to be bulldozed and destroyed are areas where Christian Arabs lived (who became what we call Shi’a). These areas have ancient artifacts that prove the true history of Islam.

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.