Pro-Choice supporters rip down Pro-Life signs of Catholic Campus

Abortion On Demand Sign, Planned Parenthood
Abortion On Demand Sign, Planned Parenthood

Nearly 200 pro-life posters were taken down at a Catholic university by students who were reportedly upset the posters sought to highlight similarities between the issues of abortion and immigration.

The posters included the phrases “Don’t abort my fellow humans,” “#NoHumanBeingIsIllegal,” and “#AbortionIsAnImmigrationIssue.”

The Padre Pio Society, a Catholic student group at Loyola Marymount University, had displayed scores of the anti-abortion posters across the Los Angeles campus earlier this month only to find them all removed less than two days later.

“I was pretty upset that the posters were taken down so quickly because we put up almost 200 posters and all of them were taken down so quickly,” senior Delano Perera, president of the Padre Pio Society, told The College Fix in an email.

Padre Pio Society members posted them around campus on the evening of Oct. 2. They were completely gone by the morning of Oct. 4, according to Perera.

The Los Angeles Loyolan reported that one Loyola student said “we’ve been scrambling to take [the posters] down” in a comment on a Facebook photo of one of the posters.

The university did not respond to a College Fix request for comment.

The angst over this year’s posters apparently stems from their goal to “draw parallels” between the issues of abortion and illegal immigration. They had mimicked pro-immigration posters hung up on Loyola’s campus earlier this year by immigration activists.

The Padre Pio Society’s posters included the phrases “Don’t abort my fellow humans,” “#NoHumanBeingIsIllegal,” “#AbortionIsAnImmigrationIssue” as well as the image of a butterfly. The pro-immigration posters also included a butterfly, stating “Don’t deport my friends” and “#NoHumanBeingisIllegal.”

Perera said students “did not like that the posters were created to look like” the pro-immigration posters, but said the group used the similar design to highlight how the two issues are connected.

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