New App allows MINORS to get birth control!

Why keep trying to undermine parental authority?

Liberals are doing everything they can to completely undermine traditional family structure and parental authority. Many public schools have partnered with Planned Parenthood to being their sex education material into the classroom along with their birth control methods and liberal attitudes on sex. At one time, Planned Parenthood had a page on their website that gave minors instructions on how to obtain an abortion without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

Kids in early elementary school are being taught that sex is ok and normal and that they should try it, as long as they use safety, like condoms, to prevent pregnancies and diseases. Students in fourth grade are being taught about masturbation, graphic anatomy and how to use a condom along with homosexuality. Kids as young as fifth grade have been taught how to use condoms, including anal condoms. They also encourage kids try homosexual sex, telling them that it’s normal and acceptable. Then they tell them that they don’t have to obey or tell their parents.

To back up their efforts, they site the fact that teenaged pregnancy is down. What they don’t report is that teenage sex and even sex in preteens is at all-time record highs. A number of surveys have revealed that the vast majority of kids graduating or leaving high schools are already sexually active. Virginity is a rarity and even looked down on by many. The concept of sex being reserved only for marriage and only within a marriage is no longer taught in schools like it was when I went to school and it’s mocked and virtually abandoned.

The Obama administration helped promote the open sexual promiscuity of school kids. They also wanted every employer, regardless of religious beliefs to pay for free birth control for all of their employees. President Donald Trump just announced that he was ending the employer contraceptive mandate. Just when you thought things were improving, guess again.

Liberals are now continuing their efforts to undermine parental authority with a new app makes it possible for minors to purchase birth control without their parents knowing. The app and website is Nurx. On their home page, it states:

“Birth Control

Delivered to you without a visit to the doctor. 
With or without insurance. Starting at $15/month.
Available in CA,NY,DC,WA,IL,PA,VA,FL,MI,MO,MN,NJ,MA, and TX.” 

Who thinks this is OK? AND WITHOUT a Doctor?

Read the rest at: No Doctor Abortion

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