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California’s heavy tax burden just got a lot heavier

Do you know how much Americans paid in taxes last year? In 2016, Americans paid roughly 20 percent more for their federal, state and local taxes than for their housing, food and clothing combined, according to an analysis by the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax research organization.

With Californians being the highest taxed people in the country, the statistics are probably even further out of whack. But our politicians are not through with us yet.

Several cities raised their sales tax and, on April 1, the tax on cigarettes went up by $2 per pack. That money is supposed to go mainly to Medi-Cal, but you know how that goes with our politicians. Even if you’re not a smoker, it’s still a new tax.

Current transportation taxes, including sales tax on gasoline, are supposed to go to transportation infrastructure. Instead it goes to the general fund. Cap-and-trade money is supposed to go to environmental issues. Instead, most of it goes to Gov. Jerry Brown’s favorite, high-speed rail.

And then there’s Proposition 30, the laughably titled “Temporary Taxes to Fund Education” initiative. You know how temporary that was and it goes straight to the general fund.

Now, having frittered away the transportation taxes on other non-transportation expenditures, Brown is increasing our taxes again to raise an estimated $52 billion to fix the state’s roads through an increase in the gasoline tax along with higher car registration fees and a $100 charge on emission-free vehicles.

The gas sales tax increase will be 12 cents a gallon and vehicle registration will increase $25 for older cars and up to $175 on newer ones. .

To win over environmentalists, the measure would include $7.5 billion for public transportation and $1 billion for paths for walking and bicycling. This is purely a political move, one that is certainly not necessary considering our road and highway conditions. But as with current tax revenues, more than $8 billion will be frittered away on non-essential projects.

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