Liberal Media worried about Republicans retiring?

In early September, Charlie Dent, Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania and co-chair of the moderate Tuesday Group, suddenly announced he was retiring from the House after seven terms in office.

So what. What’s the big deal? Well, it’s apparently a big deal to many – particularly it seems to publications on the left like The Atlantic. Yesterday, The Atlantic wrote a piece entitled, “Who Will Lead the Republican Moderates?” lamenting the exit next year of representative Dent.

You see, Dent is the current “leader” of the moderate wing of the Republican Party in Congress. So of course it’s a big deal to the left, for as we know, moderate Republicans are the only reasonable people in the GOP.

And he’s not the only squish high-tailing it out of town. Representatives Dave Trott of Michigan, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, Dave Reichert of Washington, John J. Duncan Jr. of Tennessee, Lynn Jenkins of Kansas and Sam Johnson of Texas are all packing it in.

Now if you are a Republican, you may think this terrible news that so many Republicans are leaving, until you dig just a bit deeper. And these days, it doesn’t take much digging. Conservative Review’s Liberty Score is a one-stop shop for a quick accounting of the above seven.

For those unaware, an elected officials’ Liberty Score is like a personal credit score. A credit score doesn’t give a detailed accounting of an individual’s credit health, but it is certainly enough to determine initial worthiness. And often, depending on the score, a creditor needs to look no further. If, for example, a creditor sees an applicant with a credit score of say, under 500, likely the creditor will reject the applicant’s request outright. A score that low pretty much tells them as much as they need to know.

The same can be said of the trusted conservative Liberty Score. The scoring ranges from A – F, with A being the most conservative and F being the least. Of the above list of retiring Republicans, only two, Sam Johnson of Texas and John J. Duncan Jr. of Tennessee had a score better than a big fat ‘F’. In other words, it’s the squishes who are heading for the hills.

As a conservative, I’m very broken up about this. If I may rephrase – here’s your hat – what’s your hurry.

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