Hooray for Hollywood: Celebrating sexual deviants for decades!

I was thinking on how over the last few weeks, the Hollywood’s true colors are showing. Then I quickly slapped myself back into reality. Hollywood’s colors have been showing for years, but the progressive, self-righteous Hollywoodites would have you believe it’s just a few disgruntled wannabees who are whining. NOT!

As the weeks have gone on, it’s dawned on many of us that the Socialist Progressive Democrats run Hollywood. The Hollywood elites are always having $50 thousand per plate dinners while lecturing us about how much they care for the poor and downtrodden.

They would have you believe they are the most righteous creatures on the planet while looking the other way as pedophilia runs rampant in their industry. Remember, at the core of these people, they are Liberal. Everything goes. No right or wrong. No moral compass. Socially Progressive Democrats!

Though MANY complaints have been made by child actors since the late 1950’s, the usual answer was, “that’s just the industry” and “there are 200 others waiting to take your place kid” so it was ignored and brushed aside.

Todd Bridges from “Different Strokes” says he was abused by his publicist at the age of 12. Nothing was done.

In 1977 Roman Polanski was charged and convicted with 5 counts of sexual assault and rape of a 13 year-old. He fled the country to avoid jail. However, Hollywood calls him a genius on a regular basis. He gets standing ovations for his movies. He has received awards via video stream because he can’t come back here. Only Progressive Socialist Hollywood Democrats could find a reason to honor a fugitive rapist and actually try to justify it. SICK.

Not unlike a recent presidential candidate who laughed about successfully freeing the rapist of a 12 year old girl. SICK!

“Lost Boys” actor, Corey Haim, was convinced by an adult in the business that it was perfectly acceptable for older men to have sexual relations with young boys. Sure it is!

Director Victor Salva was convicted of molesting a 12 year-old boy who was to star in his movie “Clownhouse.”

It’s reported that Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley host many big Hollywood parties with young boys in attendance. Actress Thandie Newton sent a video to movie studio heads of a director asking her to touch herself for him. Nothing!

Another famous one, Woody Allen! Dylan Farrow (daughter of Woody and Mia Farrow) proved that her father had been abusing her for years. However, Hollywood still calls this guy a genius! Low Standards? No standards!

Many directors, casting directors, and publicists well-known in Hollywood have been charged and convicted of assaulting underage children in “the business.” Some even had pictures of their actions with those kids and passed them around.

In 2012, a bill was finally passed to protect child actors against these kinds of animals. Why did it take so long? Because powerful people didn’t want it. Powerful people who fund people’s campaigns didn’t want it. And legislators killed it before it even made it on the legislative floor!

Can you believe that up until 2012, yes 2012, there were no laws stopping convicted child molesters from working with kids?!

In 2014, Jason Handy a production assistant for Nickelodeon was given a second chance to sexually assault children. YUP, that’s right! After being accused once before, he was moved within the company, but they allowed him to keep working with children! They see nothing wrong with this behavior!

In 2014 alone, there were at least another half dozen lawsuits brought against producers and directors. WHY weren’t criminal charges filed?

Amy Berg’s documentary about child abuse in Hollywood was released in only 3 theatres and then pulled completely after a large, powerful union threatened to bury her in legal fees. So much for protecting the kids.

Remember, it’s not just children and this is not new. And this industry has been run by what group for years? Progressive, Leftist, Socialist Democrats! At one point they at least had the decency to make movies that were patriotic and uplifting. Now they push movies that make fun of God, traditional families, and moral values. These sexual predators are actually telling you what behavior is OK. They’re telling us when kids can have sex and with whom (or what). Telling you in a constant barrage on TV and in the movies that your values are old and outdated and that they know better. And yet, you still buy the tickets! You still pay the monthly cable bill. Do you approve of their content? Of their behavior?

Remember I said, the sexual predator problem goes back to at least the 1950’s? Well, how about back to 1921. Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was accused of raping and killing actress Virginia Rappe. In 1940, little Shirley Temple had a big MGM producer unzip his pants and show her something small. She was only 12. Other biggies like Joan Collins, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Charlize Theron, Mira Sorvino, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Shirley Temple (and many more) were assaulted. Some even lost parts for refusing to participate.

Louis B. Mayer, Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, George Clooney, and many more to come, I’m sure.

Errol Flynn had a 2-year affair with a 15 year-old. Even though people heard her screaming for help at times and it wasn’t until he grabbed a second underage girl that he was arrested, charged, and found NOT GUILTY. Sick!

Recently, Casey Affleck was accused by 2 different women of sexual assault. He came into their rooms at night after they were asleep. What’s even worse, after they are settled out of court, Casey goes on to win various awards. He should have been ashamed to even show up!

George Clooney accused of sexual assault on the set of “ER.”

Bill Clinton, 4 claimed sexual assault, 10’s more claim extramarital activity.

Bill Cosby accused by more than 50 women of sexual assault.

Sixteen of Harvey Weinstein’s former executives or assistants said they KNEW of the many unwanted sexual advances on women and even rapes. Why aren’t these people being arrested?

A wide-scale investigation needs to be launched from an outside agency to look at child abuse and sexual abuse in “The Business.” It needs to stop.

Harvey Weinstein is the tip of the iceberg…

When you come from a position of greatness you think that the world revolves around you. That you can’t do anything wrong and everything you think is right, must be just, and is true. That’s the making of an immoral time bomb of nuclear proportions.

People, we allow this to happen. We treat these celebrities like gods, as if they can do no wrong! We buy their music, their movies, and go to their sporting events no matter what they choose to do in their lives.

Hollywood culture covers up for those who sexually abuse women and children and holds those same abusers up as geniuses, honoring them with awards and payouts of millions of dollars.

We give music moguls who promote drugs, female abuse, and violence, millions of dollars and honor them too with awards.

We give sports superstars awards and more money, even after they beat their women unconscious in elevators, beat them at parties, and force dogs to fight within an inch of their lives.

We have created an environment where immorality is no longer embarrassing and may even win you an Oscar. And saving yourself for your future wife or husband or serving your God is foolish and ignorant and you are ridiculed.

Maybe the Mayans were right. The world didn’t cease to exist. The world just did a 180 and ceased to exist the way it used to be. Normality is now wrong, and wrong is now normal!

*** UPDATED: Corrected typo of age of child noted with Director Victor Salva. ***

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