France admits it has a Muslim problem!

Dateline, Paris, France, Europe – 2016: In France, in her public political discussion circles, there is less political correctness than in USA! Here we have a respectable name in French journalism (criticizing the contemporary hypocrisy in French political culture which was inspired by the publication of President Hollande’s more candid comments in a new book. Even an outgoing liberal French president could speak more truthfully on immigration than President Trump did during his election! To hear Hollande say it “There is a problem with Islam, it’s true. No one doubts it.” Welcome to the club, Mr. President! Would you please run in our elections and win?

Islam has been an old enemy at the gates of the West. The Left denies this because reality is inadmissible to the political agenda driving the profits of the petty political scions of the Left who are safely ensconced in political-economic opportunities of guaranteed political power. The Left is sociopathic or psychopathic in nature because it hurts the citizenry by denying or by being oblivious to the reality of everyday life that normal people face. Anything defiant of reality will hurt the people. And Islam has a long, sordid, and predominant history of violence from ancient times to the present. Islam is positioned to exploit the evil fantasy that the ruling Left has imposed through its agenda on the everyday citizen of Europe and America. The sunset of our civilization will not be romantic.

Vincent Tremolet de Villers writes in Le Figaro

“When we read Finkelkraut, Zemmour, Houellebecq, what does it carry? Always the same thing, Christianity, history, flawed identity in the face of an Arab-Muslim world that comes confident… That’s what makes those people fail, it’s not because they lost 3% of purchasing power – they have not lost by the way! – or because they are unemployed.There are things that tease them, they arrive on a train, they see bearded people, people who read the Koran, veiled women … “This is not an excerpt from The Cause of the People (Perrin) Patrick Buisson but are remarks by the head of state reported by Gerard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme in their interview book “A president should not say that” (Stock).

Read the rest at:  Confession of the French

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