Military Training, The National Guard
Military Training, The National Guard

During the presidency of Lyndon Johnson, many members of the military hated him and believed he should have been charged with war crimes by the way he treated the US military in Vietnam. Johnson ran his re-election campaign on peace, but once re-elected, he escalated US presence in Vietnam. He fired the only general who dared to launch a successful offensive. This is also why many people hate the United Nations. The Vietnam War was a UN conflict which meant that every major offensive action the US wanted to do in Vietnam had to be approved by the UN Security Council. Who sat on the Security Council? Communists. Who were we fighting in Vietnam? Communists. This is why all UN approved offensive actions taken by the US were thwarted, except one. That was the one carried out by General Westmoreland and it was a huge success, but because it was not first approved by the UN, Johnson fired Westmoreland. Consequently, tens of thousands of Americans died in Vietnam because Johnson lied to the nation and kissed up to the United Nations.

The military loved Ronald Reagan, because he treated them with respect. He took time to talk to the military personnel assigned to him. He knew about their families, remembered the names of wives and kids and regularly asked about them.

“I’ve had family and friends in the military during every presidency since before World War II. My dad served 6-years in Navy, joining before World War II and getting out after the war was over. He often told me that if you really want to know the worth of a president, talk to members of the military, as they were the best barometer as to whether a president is good or not.”

Bill Clinton was a different story. He treated the military like they were dirt beneath his feet. I knew a couple of guys who had dealings with the Clintons and they all said the same thing – Bill was downright disrespectful but Hillary was a total b**ch. She treated them as if they were slaves or servants and even worse. She was rude and often screamed at them. On one occasion, they were standing at attention as the Clintons were about to board the presidential helicopter. They were not allowed to move, but when a gust of wind caught Hillary’s skirt, she screamed and cussed at the military guards for not turning around. Had they turned around, they would have been instantly reprimanded by their commanding officer because they were not allowed to move unless there as a direct threat to the lives of the Clintons. One of them told later on that he would never take a bullet to save either of the Clintons.

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