Did the Shooter have help?

Clark County sheriff: Las Vegas shooter ‘had to have some help here’

We are far from being able to draw firm or useful conclusions about the massacre in Las Vegas on Sunday night, 1 October, and I won’t attempt to in this post.

David French posted on Monday – rather courageously, in fact – that he found the facts as we knew them at the time to be decidedly odd. The outline of the event, and what we knew about the killer, 64-year-old Stephen Craig Paddock, didn’t add up.

Things haven’t started adding up better in the days since, at least not as regards motive for this horrific attack.

But Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said something important in the brief to the media this evening (Wednesday 4 October; video below), which implies that law enforcement will be looking for the factors that may eventually give us a better understanding. Without elaborating on undisclosed information, of which we know there is some (mainly, it seems, with the FBI), Lombardo said this:

You gotta make the assumption he [Paddock] had to have some help here.

In other words, there are aspects of the attack that he could not have brought off all by himself.

That’s significant – and a good sign. I know a lot of people have been looking at this and coming up a need for the same assumption.

Lombardo also stated clearly what had been emerging as likely beforehand: that Paddock had a “secret life,” and seems to have had it for quite some time.

One other interesting comment from the sheriff was his statement that Paddock apparently intended to survive the attack. Lombardo didn’t elaborate on that either, but the allusion may indicate Paddock had a plan for departure after the attack.

It will be a while before 2 and 2 start adding up to 4, I imagine.  A caveat that must be entered here is that I do NOT advocate distrusting what we are hearing from law enforcement.  With each brief from Lombardo, we are seeing more progress made toward methodically tracking down the things we don’t understand.  It doesn’t look like there is any reason to be suspicious of the investigators, whether federal or local

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