Democrat Billionaire wants to buy an election to impeach Trump!

For years, there has been the misconception that the Republican Party is the party of the wealthy and the Democratic Party is the party of the middle and lower-class Americans. Perhaps at one time that may have been true, but it’s not true today.

Earlier this year, The Gateway Pundit took a look at top donors to both political parties since 1989 and here is what they discovered:

A)Since 1989 Top DNC Donors have spent a total of $1,152,389,462.00(With a B)
B) Since 1989 Top RNC Donors have spent a total or $736,075,110.00 (With an M)
C) Committed Democrat donors have outspent committed Republican donors by nearly $486 million since 1989
D) Overall, the top ten DNC donors outspent the top ten RNC donors by nearly 2 to 1 since 1989
E) The largest committed DNC donor group has outspent the largest committed RNC donor group by 67% since 1989
F) Committed Republican donors tend to cross-donate to Democrats 32% MORE OFTEN THAN committed Democrats cross-donate to Republicans

One thing to consider is who are some of the big donors to the Democrats. Harvey Weinstein is one of them. Many of Hollywood’s celebrities are also big donors to the campaigns of Democrats. George Clooney hosted several fundraising events for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. One event alone was charging $375,000 per plate to attend and it raised millions for the Clinton campaign. Let’s not forget billionaires Warren Buffett and Michael Bloomberg.

Then you also have the top executives of a number of the mainstream media outlets (no wonder they pervert the news against all conservatives, especially Donald Trump), along with Facebook Google, Twitter and Microsoft to name just a few.

There is one donor who is now trying to use his money to extort Democratic candidates running for election or reelection in 2018. As reported by one liberal source, Tom Steyer has gone too far in his bid to control the Democratic Party:

Read the rest at: Buying Dems


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