Which is stronger… Love or Hate?

Love Hate
Love Hate

This statement that I am about to type is not new to any of us reading this article, but our nation is, and for quite some time has remained, divided. It doesn’t take someone with a perfect and logical vision to see that there is a hate that intends to divide those that love our country and they seem at this time to be much stronger than those who love our country and wish to keep it united.

But how can that be? How can hate become more powerful than love?

Love seems to be like a light that has become so weak that it can’t overcome the darkness. It has lost its usefulness and it’s lost its power which means it can no longer do what it has forever been intended to do. It is being hidden under a bushel and remains weak.

But is hate really stronger than love? Or have we simply lost what the definition of love really is and how powerful it can be when we put it into action within our lives?

We continue pointing the finger or illuminating wrongs, immorality or dishonesty on social media, television or through blogs and think this is the best way to counteract the lies.

But aren’t we simply with the other thousands, and maybe millions, of words typed…  doing nothing?

The things we may believe to be wrong, hateful or dishonest and seem to be overtaking us is because we are witnessing a movement of people who are united.

Yes, it is not the united front that represents America, but it is an integrated and cohesive group of men and women who have taken their hate and have done something with it.

Those of us who are saddened by their actions continue to sit and point or place our hands on the keyboard of our computers or smart phones and feel a strength that is simulated while we post.

Where is the love that “hates the hate”? Where is the “unification that hates the division”? And where is the “truth that hates the lie”?

Love and Evil can co-exist and live and breathe in the same society, but not in the same heart. Whoever, whether it is love or evil is able to garner the support of our media each and every hour of the 24 hour news cycle, and whoever is going to be able to weave itself throughout the hearts of those who have longed to belong and become recruited by the minute, will move media’s rudder in the direction it wishes to sail.

Yet, love, even in its most unconditional state can take a stand and position itself against the hate, but will we give love that opportunity?

Will we in our multi-tasking world of doing two-three-four things at a time, seek to unify as opposed to point and seek to defend as opposed to post?

Or will we be opposed in silence and agree with them that the evil they seek to do, the hatred they wish to spread, and the lies they desire to speak really is stronger than what we know to be right and conscionable?

Will we seek ways to promote a love that is strong, willing to defend and ready to fight for what is good in keeping our country unified?

How we approach our world and the use of media will answer that question.

Educated in the State of Washington, Tom Julian was one of the few chosen to intern with The Washington State Attorney General, Ken Eikenberry...but for reasons unknown, Tom did not pursue a law degree. Instead, Tom went to Hollywood to develop television shows. Fortunately, over the course of a few years, Tom was able to produce two Nationally Syndicated Television shows and then he was blessed to spend close to twenty years working with Fortune 500 companies in the design and manufacture of their product packaging... Apple and Callaway Golf were just a couple of the many. Today he is a full-time writer and producer. When Tom isn't writing or playing golf he loves to think, jot down ideas, buy more flash drives to store the written material and drink coffee with just the correct amount of creme to make the coffee turn a caramel color. You can find out more by going to www.tomjulian.net