What do Climate Change and Flying Pigs have in common?

Bernie Sanders, Global Warming, Cold Snap Northeast
Bernie Sanders, Global Warming, Cold Snap Northeast

They’re a few years late, but the world’s “climate change” experts are starting to go back on their original predictions and admit they were wrong.

In a new paper recently published by Nature Geoscience (we all subscribe to Nature Geoscience, right?), the conclusion overturns years of climate models, finally saying that the computer models on which countries and major international organizations have relied on were dead wrong.

The paper says that the predictions made in the UN’s Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports are almost impossible. The temperatures will not rise due to carbon dioxide as previously believed. That further means that their belief about the impact that carbon dioxide has on global temperature was very, very wrong.

Heck, I could’ve told you that. I’ve been called all sorts of names ever since Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth was first released in 2006. It was first called “global warming” but when that stopped being such an obviously wrong term, everything was flipped over to “climate change” but it still specifically refers to man-made changes in the world’s temperature due to our use of fossil fuels. Al Gore’s Truth was stupid then and hilarious now, because some of its predictions, like that the arctic would completely melt by 2014.

The propaganda was strong and severe, and couched in language that makes it reasonable for almost any person to buy into it without thinking too hard. We were told that 97% of scientists agreed that global warming was real, but as most famously taken apart by Rush Limbaugh’s fill-in guest host, Mark Steyn points out that the scientists involved in that 97% are fewer in number than the ones he cites to disprove global warming in his own books.

Back to the eggheads who were pushing the propaganda for years and are now seeing that they were wrong:

In an interview with the London Times, Prof. Michael Grubb, a specialist in international energy and climate change with the University College London, said that his “previous prediction had been wrong,” saying “All the evidence from the past 15 years leads me to conclude that actually delivering [the amount of warming predicted] is [impossible.]” ..

More and more scientists and technicians are admitting the computer models were SO FAR OFF, because BAD data was input…

Read the rest at: Pigs Flying

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