Soros and Schumer have a “Thing”

Alex Soros, more widely known as Hamptons hell-raiser and son to dirty billionaire George Soros who poured money into the Democrat’s pockets, has recently been making his first official stage appearance onto the political floor, by meeting with a number of prominent liberal leaders.

For anyone who has been keeping an eye of Soros’ social media accounts such as Instagram, it is not hard to label his lifestyle as a brief scratch on the surface when it comes to the Manhattan nightlife, drunken karaoke parties, refugee camps, Bono selfies, lobster dinners and other goods that luxury can offer. However, an interesting set of photos have surfaced recently, which show the playboy having a good chumming time with Congressman John Lewis and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The photo posted on Friday afternoon, has both Schumer and Soros sitting at a table with three drinks most likely to be alcoholic. And while Soros seems to be doing okay, holding his own, Schumer appears to be very faded.

But for anyone who has known Schumer’s ideologies, these cocktails and alcoholic beverages shouldn’t fool you, as Senator Buzzkill himself has previously called for bans of powdered alcohol.

Without jumping to any conclusions, but this is how easy the Democrats are to bribe over. George Soros has been throwing millions in the pockets of the biggest liberal leaders for a long time. For example, he paid $27 million to defeat President George W. Bush, and $25 million more to boost Hillary Clinton’s campaign and causes. Therefore, it is interesting to see how one such Democrat such as Schummer is ready to leave all of his ideologies and morals aside, for a round of alcohol with a billionaire who pours money into him.

Soros Instagram reads: 
Always great to catch up with senator @chuckschumer who has seized the moment as the head of the #democrats in the #senate and masterfully helped preserve the assault on our nations values and #democracy! Thank you Chuck! #chuckschumer #legend #opposition #dumptrump

Read the rest at: Schumer-Soros

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