Slapping Christians around AGAIN!

Christians are an easy mark! The left loves to mock Christians.
A man by the Name of Elijah Daniele decided we needed a gay bible! Very brave of him? Not really when he changes the Quran to include a gay Mohammad then I MIGHT call him either courageous or stupid!

His twitter page starts with “I screw men, and men screw me. That’s my PRIDE!”

Kevin Jackson writes…

I’ve come to believe that Christians are “mockable”, because our religion is impervious to ridicule. Mock away, I say.

Recently, Elijah Daniel, a proud gay “man” mocked the Bible. I will get to that in just a bit. Before that however, I’d like to explain why I write that Daniel is gay.

When I researched Daniel (I didn’t know him) I found that he touted his “gayness” on his Twitter page.

How small must a person feel that he introduces himself to the world in that way?

Daniel has over 500,000 Twitter followers, not a small feat. Apparently he is well-known in his circles. And what they know of the “man” is that he is GAY!

Of all the things one can tout, for example humanitarian, philanthropic, scientist, engineer, doctor, painter, student, professor, free spirit, bon vivant, Daniel chooses “fagdad elijah daniel” as his moniker, and touts his sexuality.

I say to Elijah Daniel that his choice of not one, but two biblical names didn’t go unnoticed on this “NOT Gay” all-man, man.

Back to mocking the Bible.

According to the Daily Caller, Daniel wrote a gay version of the Bible. Shockingly, Amazon recently removed the book. 

Online users have lashed out at Amazon for removing what fans dub a “hella gay” Bible from its electronic bookshelves.
Elijah Daniel, commonly known to fans as the “mayor of hell,” rewrote the Christian Bible to feature celebrities like Taylor Swift, President Donald Trump, and Rihanna in his erotic religious text, according to the Independent. The Bible describes Rihanna as a god-like figure who created the world and — like Jesus — turned water into wine, while Trump plays the role of Satan.

By now, you should know this is merely a publicity stunt. GAYS like Daniel look for any reason to get their 15-minutes of fame, so congrats to GAY Daniel.

Who couldn’t see Trump as Satan coming a mile away? This certainly gives new meaning to Donald Trump’s Apprentice catchphrase, “You’re FIRED!” now doesn’t it.

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