Colleg wants MORE sex stores close by! Good Idea?

image made from signs and symbols taken in amsterdam's red light district

Student newspaper editors at Indiana University, Bloomington recently endorsed a city plan to expand available land for “sexually oriented businesses.”

A recent editorial in The Indiana Daily Student strongly endorsed a proposal by Bloomington Plan Commission President Joe Hoffman to increase the amount of city land available for adult business, arguing that “having a higher density of sex shops around can normalize a completely non-shameful behavior.”

“Additionally, more sex shops and adult bookstores can provide exposure to and educate those who were left in the dark because of Indiana’s primarily abstinence-based sexual education,” the editorial argues, suggesting that “having more sexually-oriented businesses around can offer students and Bloomington citizens alike places to explore their sexualities and see what’s out there.”

The editorial goes on to argue that “it’s fairly likely that most young folk buy their sex toys online in the comfort of their homes” because of the “shame and embarrassment…associated with such purchases.”

Despite the apparent reluctance of most students to actually patronize such establishments, the editors conclude that “having a higher density of sex shops around can normalize a completely nonshameful behavior,” adding that “it’s nice to be able to go into a physical store and check out what you’re buying instead of trusting reviews.”

While Hoffman has acknowledged that simply expanding land access to adult businesses does not necessarily mean more will open up, the editors disagree, saying “if you build it, they will come, right?”

The editorial acknowledges that “most college students probably use Amazon these days,” but asserts that “it’s still a good opportunity for people to get hands-on experience with the products,” concluding that, “hopefully, any new sexually oriented businesses can help break down the stigma that surrounds sexual exploration and offer information for those who are curious or uninformed.”

Read the rest at: More Sex Shops

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