Booting Republican governors will get $15 an Hour?

Fight for 15 gets political with strike, campaign aimed at booting Republican governors, REALLY?

The national campaign to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour – the Fight for 15 – is hosting a strike over Labor Day weekend, as the movement shifts gears toward winning back Midwestern states from the GOP in upcoming elections.

“The number one job of politicians is to raise the standard of living for workers,” the Fight for 15’s strike invitation reads. “But in states across the country, Republican governors are doing the opposite – using their power to do everything they can to help corporations and billionaires at the expense of the rest of us … In 2018, the worst Republican governors – ones in battleground states – are ALL up for reelection. Let’s throw ‘em out.”

Michael Saltsman, managing director at the Employment Policy Institute, views the Fight for 15’s current push less as an extension of its original mission – when 200 fast-food workers walked off the job demanding higher pay and union rights in 2012 – and more as a redirection of its effort.

“It all feels much more like a ‘get out the vote’ push than a union organizing campaign,” Saltsman said. “I think that given the amount of money that the union [SEIU] has spent on this … they’re looking at 2018 and saying ‘how do we most effectively spend our money to try and advance our agenda.’”

Meanwhile, others don’t see it necessarily as a redirection, but more as an adaptation of strategy: Without politicians backing the idea, a federally mandated $15 minimum wage is less viable.

“[The Fight for 15 is] increasingly recognizing a solution to both [$15 minimum wage and unionization] is not just through direct engagement through employers, but it also needs to have a political solution,” David Madland, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, told FOX Business.

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