Another person hits the Clinton Death list!

Man Prepares To Be ‘Suicided’ By Hillary After Announcing He’s Got ALL Her Deleted Secrets On His Computer.

Everyone knows what happens to people if they cross Hillary Clinton. They usually wind up six feet under the ground. The most recent suspected victim is Peter W. Smith. Eighty-one year-old Smith was a Republican operative who was attempting to obtain the secret-Hillary emails from her private server. During the investigation, he apparently committed suicide and left a note explaining the reason for his death. The timing was incredibly suspicious.

Days before his death Smith gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal about his attempts to obtain the emails and his relationship to former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn. Smith denied to the Journal that he was working with the Trump campaign. But in one recruitment document obtained by the Journal, Smith claimed links to Flynn, along with then-Trump campaign staff Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and Sam Clovis.

After the death of Smith, rumors began flying about the Clintons connection to his suspicious death. It was not the first time someone who got close to Hillary wound up dead. Last year a DNC staffer Seth Rich was gunned down in front of his D.C. home after allegedly leaking DNC documents proving the primaries were rigged for Clinton to win.

Martin Shkreli is the latest to try to expose Clinton and her notorious email scandal. Recently, Shkreli posted some bizarre claims that he possessed Hillary’s emails and her DNA. Shortly after, he posted a cryptic comment claiming his life was in very real danger.

Shkreli is a controversial pharmaceutical executive. He is notorious for his provocative behavior. He posted a picture to his Facebook page on Wednesday claiming that he had obtained a sample of Hillary Clinton’s DNA. After that he posted a photo of him holding a chip claiming it contained the lost Hillary emails.

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