Actors in real life: They hate because they haven’t gotten their way.


What happens when someone who can portray any character so successfully becomes the person with no character at all.

Funny, as we grew up, there were certain TV shows and/or movies that we enjoyed; one was because of how the movie made us feel and the other was how much we were able to connect with the actors.

It was a personal connection we  made with the actor during that 2 hour movie or 30 minute sitcom. We liked who they played and we liked how they played the character. And for so long through our media, this was how we connected with the stars and celebrities. We watched them on television and paid to see them at our local theaters.

We’d buy magazines just to see what they were doing. There was so much glamour and fashion, fancy cars and beautiful large mansion type homes. It was so vivid and so unreal compared to our lives, but it made us dream.

And then… a huge change in society.

Suddenly our heroes were dressing sloppy and bashing everything they didn’t like publicly. Who were these people? Certainly not who we had once dreamed of being.

They became hateful. They dished out their dislikes and coordinated their thoughts on nothing but their feelings. No logic. The worst in these last 2 years hating one man so much that the lack of respect is totally, or should be totally, unacceptable.

The hate and need to express this hate upon our president has simply overwhelmed them and unknowingly throughout their emotional disarray, they have actually given President Trump the power to ruin their specific lives. Crying about climate change while flying all around the world in their private jets emitting more carbon dioxide than a country would use, and that is just in one, 1 hour flight.

Logic has been replaced by insecurities. Insecurities are being overwhelmed by the desires of the media and this becomes the hub of their own personal wheels; they no longer represent the world that we long for and enjoyed in our beloved America. They now hate.

Now we see them as they really are and, for some reason, have a difficult time watching them do what we loved to watch them do…


It changes our perspective of them and affects how we feel about watching them anymore.

It’s not because they are bad actors. They are amazing actors. But they have brought all of their personal dirty laundry to hang out through the media into our living rooms and smart phones.

They hate.

Not because what they hate is against America’s foundations and traditions. They hate because they haven’t gotten their way.

Answer me this question…

Who can live with such hate against one person?

Only those who possess, out of no fault of anyone else, an insecurity while lacking the necessary confidence to impact a world through the theater are now showcasing a vulnerability and hate all because of one election.

One man… this person who many of these actors, actresses, musicians, and singers in years past, loved to have their picture taken with, but now, their emotions are no longer protected and with that comes a thunderous and loud crash of emotions that have broken down the dams. They just say whatever the feel… even if it is stupid with nothing to support it… not even caring if they lose half of their market. Agents and managers, who once in the golden years protected their clients, are now under siege and sit helpless and hopeless behind their $25,000 Monteverdi desk while their clients shoot off their mouth.

A world gone mad, speaking confidently about a person they hate and in the process never realizing that they are giving him much more power than they can imagine.

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