Soldiers need to be Soldiers!

Mattis Issues New Orders To Our Troops, Democrats Panicking!

Trump has chosen the right man to make our nation safe again and our troops strong again.

Mattis has only one mail goal: make our military the strongest in the world. They need to think twice before they mess with America.

Check what Mattis just did to make this happen:

Secretary of Defense James Mattis has ordered a full review of any military training not directly relevant to warfighting.

Mattis told the services to conduct a review of the “requirements for mandatory force training that does not directly support core tasks,” according to a Friday memo obtained by Military Times.

In other words, Mattis wants a full examination of all the hours of burdensome, irrelevant training service members have to undergo before deployment.

“I want to verify that our military policies also support and enhance warfighting readiness and force lethality,” Mattis said.

Folks, don’t you love this?

The U.S. military is not a place to play games or social experiments. We need our troops strong as ever.

Can you imagine that someone would want our military to do what they were created to do? Our military’s primary job is to Kill and destroy.
Our military need to be able to respond quickly in all situation and wherever deployed WITHOUT worrying about who they are offending or insulting or irritating!

No one cares. I for one am VERY glad the General has decided to scorch all those “PC” issues and get back to simply being combat ready and having people that were ready willing and able to fight!

Our troops have been toooo long beat up with PC and making sure they aren’t offending anyone.
I would imagine when you drop a bomb in a village someone will be offended. When you shoot and kill a terrorist I am sure someone will be offended.

Our servicemen should know we have their backs and that they are free to do their job and protect us!

Read the rest at: NewTroops

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