Reporter Asks Antifa Why They’re Protesting. They’re Just As Clueless

On Sunday, Antifa members took to the streets of Laguna Beach, California, to presumably protest President Donald Trump and the so-called “alt-right” in response to the Charlottesville rally-turned-fatal riot last weekend. But when reporter Austen “Fleccas” Fletcher hit the scene to let the protesters speak for themselves, most of the protesters were clueless as to what exactly the “alt-right” even was and, unsurprisingly, they advocated for violence, including the assertion that “neo-Nazis” must be murdered.

In other words, these millennials weren’t the brave WWII Allies storming the beaches of Normandy that the mainstream media told us they were; instead, they were proven to be violent pro-communist thugs unclear as to what exactly they were fighting against.

“It’s kind of like, newer rightist ideology that tries to —” started one female protester, attempting to define the alt-right. “I feel like I’m an idiot because I’m on the spot right now.”

Yes, yes you do.

“So the ‘alt-right,’ I would call it a loose connection of this new wave right-wing sort of — not radicals — but they have a strong emphasis on white supremacy,” said another protester. “Maybe not even white supremacy, but more capitalism and closed borders.”

Another protester with a stuffed penis on his head, which tipped-off his top-notch intelligence, advocated for open borders, though he admitted he needed to do a bit more “research” on the issue before giving an exact number on how many immigrants we should allow.

Another Laguna beach protester suggested that there are only a small number of estimated Nazis in the country because “that’s probably registered Nazis.”

Ah, yes, many people avoid the “Nazi Registry.”

When Fletcher confronted the hard-core Antifa protesters who covered their faces, they told him that we need to combat neo-Nazis by using violence, including even murder.

“Find your Nazis, beat them, take them of their Nazi paraphernalia, and then leave them alive hurting and bleeding in their cowardice,” said one Antifa member.

“Same way we dealt with them in World War II: kill them. There’s no other way,” said another.

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