President Trump, Kristian Saucier wasn’t just a campaign talking point, he STILL needs your help!

Kristian Saucier
Kristian Saucier

Here’s the latest from Kristian Saucier… and in case you’ve forgotten who he is and why he’s important, he’s the American sailor who was sentenced to prison for releasing classified information about the same time that the mainstream media was ignoring Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information and destruction of evidence. Yep, this sailor to 6 photos while on a nuclear submarine and went to prison for it.

As received from Kristian’s wife, Sadie.


Aug 10, 2017, 10:22 PM

If I could directly address President Trump I would ask him why he brought up my case frequently while campaigning and even after being elected, all the while proclaiming that the punishment enforced upon me was unjust, if he never planned on righting the aforementioned wrong once he possessed the power to do so?

I would ask him why he would give my family and I hope that we would be made whole after all that we had been through while others (Hillary Clinton) committed far more egregious violations of the same statute that the US Attorneys office was so determined to prosecute me for and then received no more than a verbal reprimand.

I am a veteran who has proudly served my country for 11 years and two deployments to the Middle East who is not eligible to receive any VA benefits for injuries I received during these and other deployments.

How can he say that he is a champion for veterans but then turn his back on one in need. My family and I don’t expect President Trump to make right what the government did to us, the very same government I gave the best years of my life serving.

I don’t know if any action could ever right the wrong that has happened as the result of an overzealous prosecutor and a government that turned its back on a proud patriot and his family.

All I ask is that he do my family and I the courtesy of restoring my good name by granting my clemency and allowing my family and I to move on from this dark time in our lives.

I do not expect to receive a shortening of my sentence since I have served my entire year sentence, without being allowed any time off for good behavior even though I have been a model inmate.

I only hope that maybe there is a chance my good name can be restored and that maybe I can be victorious in winning back my disability benefits.

It is hard for me to put into words how it feels to have had so much hope hearing him mention me while I sat in prison only to still be sitting behind bars nearly a year later receiving a rejection letter from the Pardon Attorney.

Please Mr. President at least tell me why I do not deserve to receive the same treatment as others such as Hillary Clinton, David Petreaus, or Bradley Manning.


You can help the Saucier family by sharing his email in this post. We cannot have the law apply to some people and not to others. The law must be applied equally. We do not have a ruling elite class with special protections from the law. Sometimes our lawmakers need to be reminded of this.

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