O’Donnell’s daughter says her mom is a real &^#*^, Fact or Fiction?

Rosie O’Donnell’s True Self Called Out by Her Daughter!

TV star Rosie O’Donnell has consistently attacked President Donald Trump, calling him “sadistic” and questioning his mental stability, but a report from her daughter in May suggested that O’Donnell was the one whose character should be in question.

In an interview in May with the U.K. Daily Mail, Chelsea O’Donnell described an incident in May 2015 where her mother went on a drunken range against the teenager and even threatened the girl after she found out Chelsea had gotten a tattoo.

The actress reportedly locked the then-17-year-old in her bedroom, tried to pull off her clothes to see the tattoo, chased her, threatened to hit her with an empty wine bottle and told her she could “kill her.”

“It was pretty late at night,” Chelsea said. “A couple of weeks prior, I had gotten a tattoo. (O’Donnell) had spyware on my phone so she could see pretty much everything I did.”

When the daughter refused to show O’Donnell the tattoo — the word “Breathe” on her side — the actress allegedly picked up a wine bottle and started chasing her, trying to remove her clothing.

“She told me if I didn’t show her, if I tried to leave, that she would hit me with the wine bottle, call the police and tell them that I had attacked her,” Chelsea explained. “She was holding it above her head and coming after me in her room. She kept trying to run after me and saying that if she really wanted to she could kill me, she’s that strong.”

The teenager eventually managed to get away from O’Donnell and contemplated going to the police, but she was worried that her mother’s stardom would prevent them from believing her side of the story.

“I didn’t go to the police because of who she is. She would have tried to say I was crazy and they just wouldn’t believe me,” she said.

O’Donnell has since tried to portray her daughter as mentally ill and even reported her “missing” to the police shortly after the tattoo incident, although Chelsea said her mother had kicked her out of the house and knew where she was.

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