Let’s ROLL! If you are not for us, you are against us.

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Will our beloved United States experience another devastating attack on our Homeland like the horror of 9-11? Most regard this as a question of “When’’ rather than “IF”.  Are we prepared?

Or will we stand, frozen in place, as our enemy emerges from the dark to savage our land and bind those that survive the slaughter with the chains of slavery? I fear it could well be the later. When brother is pitted against brother, when we allow over inflated egos to be elected and so many others are stricken with apathy, we become our own worst enemy!.

We all have our vivid memory where we were on 9-11-2001 when the majestic shinning Twin Towers went down. We were aghast and filled with horror! We were stunned with disbelief! Then we were mad as hell that anyone would dare kick in our front door! We vowed never again!…

I ask that you pause a moment… close your eyes and create a mental slide show of the images, that after almost sixteen years are still heart-wrenchingly vivid…

Then remember as the shock ebbed, the immense feeling of pride and love as WE came TOGETHER with no thought of political parties. WE, Democrats and Republicans alike, cheered when President George W. Bush stood at Ground Zero and said, “Can you hear us now?” And again, when he made it clear, WE would do whatever necessary to protect OUR Country. “If you are not for us, you are against us.” We muttered to ourselves, “You tell ’em George.”

Like dandelions after a spring rain, Tea Parties and 9-12 groups popped up all across our Country. American flags flew from every car, in every window. With swelling pride and determination our Stars and Stripes were atop every building, construction site, and oil rig. Semis rolling down the highway all had the American Red, White, and Blue waving in the wind. We walked a little taller and with more purpose… we walked together.

Looking at other countries, it is abundantly clear that we have been blessed simply because are Americans living in a “Promised Land.’ No other nation has been built on such a strong Christian faith and shared goals that allow you and me the freedom to live, prosper, and worship as we wish.

There is no military strength our equal. Never have so many had such a strong love of their Homeland that they are willing, if need be, to die protecting it. We have highly dedicated law enforcement who’s only mission is to make the streets safe.

It is true, the evil from outside of our borders create a very real and definite threat of death and devastation to our precious nation if not abated. For this we have concentrated efforts that will thwart and combat them as necessary. However, the real enemy is found in our very own neighborhoods!  It is the daily display of hate, greed, and ignorance, the extremely focused and determined ‘opposition’ persons or groups along with the absolute apathy of millions.

This ‘Opposition’ is in place for one reason only. That is to break down any resistance to (their) ideology of a One World Government through submission  without party discrimination. These ‘bad actors’ can be found both in and out of elected offices.

The minds of our children are being educated (brainwashed) into false beliefs while the true American history and values are ignored. Our Creator is banned from the classrooms and government offices. Business owners are forced to forego their own religion and bow to another.

OUR flag is thrown to the ground, stomped on and burned as ‘others’ parade theirs and carry signs and chant hateful slogans. We have allowed our cars to go ‘naked’ of any patriotic symbol of pride. Even many of the once towering flag poles are barren or have tattered and torn remnants of red, white and blue. This is not the image of an exceptional nation! It is the symbol of neglect, lack of caring and self-respect.

It is the symbol of DEFEAT and DEATH of a Nation… with the whole world  watching.

Our Bill of Rights and Constitution that has served us well is now being used as a door mat for the big boots of the opposition. Our three branches of government are being pitted against each other. Our two major parties no longer work together as Americans, but as enemies where only one can be victorious. It is becoming a civilized civil war that diminishes and weakens our Country with each blow.

Isn’t it a ‘wake up’ call when our courts deem themselves as superior over the laws of our land? Or when elected mayors and governors along with police chiefs blatantly proclaim or blatantly vow to disregard and disobey the lawful orders of the (We the People’s) Federal Government.

Many of those men and women we chose and sent to our Capital, who we believed they would honor their Oath of Office and believed they would put our Country’s welfare first, seem to have lost their voices. They are mysteriously silent. Their pledge to protect our grand nation apparently has sunk to the bottom of their martini glass with the olives.

UNITED we stand. Divided we fall. Thank God so many of you realize that we are in a combat mode AT WAR and are working hard to fight off the enemy.  We are in a fight for both our physical and spiritual lives… and our very existence as a free republic.

To those still in denial, I plead with you to remember that before you were a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, you were an American. We need your help to advance on our path back to greatness. Remember the shock, grief and fears of that 9-11 and how we all vowed as Americans United to defeat any enemy together. THAT is the ATTITUDE that will enjoy the sweet taste of victory.

Each and every American is special. That means, each of you has a special ability to contribute. Some write, some speak to groups or neighbors, many write or email legislators and… we can all pray. So, my fellow countrymen, it’s time!

In those ever memorable last words of Todd Beamer on Flight 93, over Somerset County, Pennsylvania…

‘Let’s  Roll’

In Prayer for our Nation, I remain,

Jan Brown

** Permission to reprint or publish given. First seen on The Real Side with Joe Messina.

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