Identity theft exists. Voter fraud does not?

They keep telling us that voter fraud does not exist. I guess the memo never made it to the perpetrators doing this more and more. My hometown, Boston, in my home state of Massachusetts, is known for its fresh fish, history, great food, and a very active underworld.

It seems like employees of the Registry of Motor Vehicles, known as the RMV (the equivalent to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in other states) has found a way to make a little extra spending cash.

Six employees of the RMV were caught stealing identities and creating driver’s licenses for ILLEGAL aliens. That’s a constitutional legal term, not mine, so don’t get mad at me for using it. These employees were arrested and charged with aggravated identity theft. What is “aggravated identity theft” anyway? Did they irritate the identity when they stole it?

It wasn’t a complicated process to get an illegal driver’s license. You simply gave the front man cash. An appointment was made to get your license. The clerk who was in on it “checked” your paperwork, you passed, and got a license.

Think about it like an official “fast food crime to go” mob-type setup. Now that you have an official STATE issued ID, you can register to vote, get food stamps, cash checks, and so much more.

To add insult to injury is wasn’t the police who found it. Not the State Police, though I can’t imagine they didn’t ever pull over someone with an illegal ID and question them. Not the Registry Police (yup, they have their own!) Not the Metropolitan Police. Yup, another protective service. No, it was someone from within the RMV. A real whistleblower. Unlike those treasonous people in communications at the White House.

The whistleblower brought this to their attention in October 2015… TWO YEARS AGO!

An anonymous letter sent to the Massachusetts State Police in October 2015 stated that there were corrupt employees at the RMV. It detailed that they were supplying stolen identifications and driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. WHY did it take so long to investigate?

Massachusetts is very sympathetic to the illegal immigrant population and would be among the first to sign up for Illegal City status. Sorry, I meant to say, Sanctuary City status.

The question is, how long BEFORE the 2015 letter had this been happening? And how many were issued?

It’s funny how no one disputes that identity theft happens. But many deny that voter fraud happens. Why? If someone would steal a person’s identity, what would keep them from illegally voting to support those who favor Sanctuary Cities and keeping illegals in the country?

The head the California state Senate stated that his whole family was here illegally, that they stole their identities to get here and work here because that’s what it takes to make it in America today. WOW! How is that OK?

And these are the same people who think they are all above the law.

Some of you will say this is a “one off” or not that common. Really? I wonder how many other Department of Motor Vehicles this is happening in around the country?

Let’s start in Broward County where the person in charge of voter registration said that a large number of illegals and felons voted in the last election. An elected Democrat official! But voter ID is so small, not a big deal. And we don’t think about it because voter ID and voter fraud are so hard to prove and therefore hard to convict.

God bless the Democrat registrar (one of the few Dems willing to step up and do something) in Broward County who actually admitted that they had felons and illegals who voted in the 2016 elections.

HELLO! Listen up… illegals and felons actually voted in our elections! Confirmed by the Democrat in Broward County that oversees elections!

Remember, we’re told it doesn’t happen. There is no proof that is has overturned or affected the vote outcome (like that whole Russian thing). Maybe not but, if a person’s vote was stolen and laws were broken, they should be prosecuted. You can’t pick and choose which laws you will stand by!

There are many puzzling issues like Los Angeles County which has over 60,000 registered voters who are either dead or have moved out of state (my daughter being one of them).

In the Broward County midterm elections in 2014, the election audit showed that 103% of the people who were actually eligible to vote were registered. In 2016 it went to 106%. I wonder where those extras came from?

This goes on all over the place, so I am tired people telling us voter fraud doesn’t take place or that these things aren’t happening. There are actual people involved in the conversation who are involved in what’s happening telling you… yes it is.

The elected officials in West Virginia reported they had 36,000, yes, 36,000 dead or illegals registered to vote. Not 360. Not 3.6. But 36,000!

This was finally dealt with when a new Republican county registrar was elected. The illegal registrations were purged from the state election rolls just 45 days after his election. Why so fast? He and others had been working on this for years and seen this as a problem for years. When he took office, he knew what he was looking for. He got the team together to make it happen. They’ve now eliminated the potential for 36,000 illegal votes to be cast. It’s about time!

Let’s say at least 20,000 people were going to have their votes stolen. I’ll cut some slack because the dead voters can’t complain about having their votes stolen. The reason more people aren’t being arrested or prosecuted is because it’s so hard to convict.

There are many cases now being reported out of Texas, Oregon, West Virginia, Chicago, Florida, and New York. We are finally seeing some movement to correct the situation.

The Washington Post says there may have been over 5 million illegal votes cast nationwide. A study on illegal voting by the “Online electoral studies journal” states that illegal voting was very high in the 2008 and 2010 election cycles. The study found that illegals may have cast up to 3 million votes in the 2008 and 2010 elections.

I guess the Russians are giving the illegals a run for their money and the Democrats just don’t like it!

Maybe now that the GOP has over 30 full houses of legislatures and governor seats across the country the voter rolls may finally get cleaned up. The dead will be stripped of their rights to vote and the illegals will just give up and go home!

That’s right, I’m an optimist. And yes, I’m still waiting for the pony I asked Santa for Christmas of 1974!

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