Hate is the enemy: KILLER AT LARGE!

Truth Is The New Hate Speech
Truth Is The New Hate Speech

Long, long ago, I was born an American. Each day in school I “Pledged my Allegiance’’. I was an American.

In my pre-teens I was baptized a Presbyterian, but I still was an American.

I went on to become a wife, a mother, a friend, a Democrat, and even when I became wiser and a Republican, I was still a bona fide American.

It was only after witnessing the wonders and powers of our Creator that I added the hyphen. I am now and always a Christian-American.

Back in the ‘olden days’ schools taught American History. We learned the impact Christianity had in the writing of the Rules of Law that orderly govern this, our great Homeland. We learned the Constitution. We were even taught to ‘think’ for ourselves (such a novel idea today).

It has long been my belief that our Founding Fathers were led to our magnificent shores much as Moses led his people to their “Promised Land”.  Here, we have freedoms unknown and oft unimagined any place else on earth.  We have opportunities that the fruits of our labor yield crops much sweeter than Willy Wonka’s best chocolate. We are the most prosperous nation in the world.

What is it that makes the United States of America so exceptional?  It is “we the people”.  We recognize and treasure the basic tenets of our Constitution and value the way of life they allow. So very many have left loved ones at home to fight and die so that those here, and those yet to be born, will have “The American Way of Life”.  It seems the big question is: ARE YOU WILLING TO FIGHT TO SAVE IT?

There is a Killer running rampant through our streets striking down good Americans almost at will.  He is a master of disguise and comes in many forms (does this sound familiar?) His poison is contagious. His name is HATE!!

Hate fell from the tree of Lucifer and his prey are the young, the poverty stricken, uneducated, insecure and frustrated. He ravishes the greedy and power mongers without fear of consequence. He devours the souls of his new disciples and deploys them to spread his venom and wreak destruction on us all and all we hold dear. He dances with glee when brother is pitted against brother. His appetite will not be sated until there is total destruction and we are delivered to ‘The Tree” to live in bondage.

The very soul of our entire Nation relies on what we the people do and do NOW. Not tomorrow. President Trump, like him or not, was chosen, not as a Savior, but as a leader who is unafraid and growing in his faith. He can only lead if we follow.

Being victorious will not be easy, there will be hurt and pain. This is not the first time a civilization has been in a battle between good and evil. The Old Testament Book of Hosea tells of such a WAR… and the solution for winning. The SOLUTION first requires that we decide if our values are worth it. If they are, we must stand united as one in our FAITH. The infighting and jostling for superior position must stop!  “Superiority” belongs only to our Creator.

We must learn to listen and share ideas with each other and teach HIS miracles where unknown. We cannot be shy or silent. This is the time to ‘strut’ our Faith with pride in our convictions. The government of this great United States belongs to us… all of us. There are no ‘tailor made’ rules for each. Our three branches of government are “one size fits all”. We give and take with respect.

I wonder, do your elected legislators actually know what issues are a priority to you or what you think? If not, why not? While we are not all comfortable publicly speaking, we can write or phone.

Grassroot groups, even small ones are easily formed and there is an undeniable power then the choir sings loud and in unison. Talk to your neighbor, friends at church (or local pub)… even the person in line at a check out may have some fantastic ideas. Just make sure your ammo bag is filled with facts and knowledge. (You can’t correct what you don’t know.) And quoting sound bytes and rumors doesn’t qualify as facts.

Make no mistake… we are at WAR of the most dangerous kind. We can see the physical destruction and carnage around us. It is the unending spiritual assaults that can destroy us. If we give them our Constitution and laws, we also relinquish the very soul of our nation and exist only in bondage.

Carl Gallup, a noted author, has declared without hesitation in his books and conversations that this Administration is under attack by demons from all directions. If that concept is difficult to grasp, think back to just this past year to the anti-Trump protests when he was just a candidate. Now consider the increasing violence and vile language of the protest since his election. With this behavior they disrupt the Pro-Trump and Pro-America rallies inflicting injury.

Let’s not forget the negative talking heads of mainstream media or the hateful ugly behavior of the Liberal Left in Congress nor the statues and symbols of American History that are being take down. In the beginning, they kicked GOD out of the classroom while we did nothing. NOW is the time for a counter attack. Let’s put on our armor, grab our cross, and chase these vampires out!!

“What HE has given…can be taken away”

If you need help, Jeremiah 33 instructs us to “ASK” and you will be heard”. Now, if you want an answer, you must listen.

It is not my intent to lecture, preach or dictate. With deliberateness I have set aside any hint of “political correctness”, knowing some will disapprove. This is the answer I heard and I share it with passion and love of my faith and country.  Use or discard as you wish.

In Prayer for our Nation, I remain,

Jan Brown

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