Fake outrage over Charlottesville!

On Sunday night watching the violent chaos going on in Charlottesville, Virginia and the oh so very partisan comments being made all across the internet, it seems that we are either Democrats or Republicans, Left-wing Loons or Right-wing Neocons, Progressives or Republican Conservative Nazis. WOW! Just WOW! I thought I was an American.

Let me start by saying, I denounce violence of any kind! PERIOD. (Unless it’s in self-defense or to defend another person.) What took place in Charlottesville is simply a terrible thing. It’s wrong. Violence never fixes anything. And I would imagine that most reading this believe that violence is bad.

One of the things that struck me were the comments about how this is all President Trump’s fault. Really! One of the many comments I read said;

“I’m shocked at what is happening in Charlottesville today, is this the new world order of Trumpets, God help us when will the responsible Republicans stand up to this insane bully please stop this”.

Where were these people when Mr. Obama was in office? I’ll get to that!

Apparently, we’ve got a group of idiots or animals out there causing this trouble and it’s all Trump’s fault. As if all this hate, anger, nasties, and violence reared its ugly head over the last eight months. It makes no sense.

If you believe that, it’s insanity. I’m not suggesting this wasn’t a bad situation. It was. But to instantly try to place the blame on Republicans and Trump when this tension has been brewing for over eight years is insane. If you haven’t seen this kind of violence coming, and I suspect we will see more, then you aren’t being honest with yourself.

There is nothing new here. Let’s re-visit what happened in Baltimore and a few other places across the country where violence and riots took place and the police were told to stand down while rioters blew off some steam! Did the White House call out who did it? Did they denounce the violence of the groups that actually perpetrated it? Did the Left call out the White House or Mr. Obama when he refused to come out and denounce violence from certain groups?

When Black Lives Matter was part of violent protests or takeover of events, did Mr. Obama call them out? No. He invited them to the White House. Where was the outrage of the Left?

Black-on-black crime spirals out of control, especially in Chicago. Comments by the White House? NONE. Cops being slaughtered in the streets. Still no comment, nothing! Where was the outrage? Oh, it was about gun control… Yup that’s it!

We saw terrorist act after terrorist act in the name of Islam, Radical Islam. MANY groups, black, white, and more asked President Obama to call it out as terrorism carried out by Radical Muslims. Nope, nothing. Why? Because he said he would not tag Islam, the religion of peace, with the acts of a few madmen who had nothing to do with that peaceful religion. And many on the Left applauded him and stood by that reasoning.

Why the shift in logic now, when what appears to be a radical lunatic on the Right did something heinous, then every Republican is responsible? Every conservative is responsible? How does that line up according to your logic? Is this what you expect us to believe?

There’s no sanity here when you make statements like that. How does that heal us? How does that bring us together? How does that actually help? It doesn’t. Those statements are made to create even more division between us. We are Americans first, who happen to be Democrats or Republicans, but Americans first and foremost.

Schools all over the country are teaching that ALL white people feel superior. And this country is great because of people of color. And white people owe black people and other groups. And whites are the Devil in the flesh. Again I ask, how does this fix anything? It doesn’t. It only creates more strife and aggravation.

Who are these people called the “Alt-Right”? When did they become part of the Republican conservative movement? The “Alt Right,” as described by the “Left,” is a group of hateful white supremacists. Therefore they must be from the Republican Party! Have you ever noticed, if it’s hateful it has to be Republicans, but if it’s loving it’s always the Democrats? History doesn’t bear that out. But let’s move on.

Most are speculating that Charlottesville happened because a racist animal chose to murder one and injure many other Americans in an act of pure evil. If that’s truly what happened, it was a despicable act. Murder is unacceptable. I don’t know of any conservative, Republican Christian who thinks that was a good or acceptable action to take. Not one!

And we have the Left all over President Trump for not immediately and specifically denouncing white supremacists. I guess denouncing violence from both sides is unacceptable? Is there a time frame? How many days did it take his predecessor to call an incident terrorism when it was evident, as it was in the San Bernardino shooting? Anyone know? 14 days!

It’s astounding that in the middle of the crisis the only thing the Left-wing media can say is, it’s Trump’s fault. Do they realize how that detracts from what’s happening? Do they understand that as they make everything going wrong on the planet his fault that they keep undermining their own credibility? I’m starting to believe in Trump deraignment syndrome!

It’s fake rage from the Left. Why? If you are outraged by violence, then you should call out ALL violence and you should hold ALL our elected officials feet to the fire, not just the ones you don’t like.

Remember all the violence against Trump supporters? Where was the White House on that? Trump supporters were under attack in Connecticut at a pro-Trump rally. Some were beaten up on camera. Anything from the White House? Not a word! Pro-Trumpers were assaulted with eggs and bottles and even punched. Any help from the White House? Nope!

So is the Left only outraged when its people are impeded, assaulted, or infringed upon? Or are they outraged at ALL injustices? Evidence is clear. They are only outraged when it serves their cause. All the chaos in San Jose and other places against pro-Trumpers, not a word from the Left denouncing that violence.

Many on all sides feel like race relations worsened under the Obama Administration. If you’re black and a conservative and make that statement, you’re actually called a racist. So when a black person feels like race relations got worse under a black president they are labeled a racist by a group of white Liberals! Let that sink in!

It’s very hard to take the Left seriously about their rage when they never called out Mr. Obama on any of his failures to help the black community. His failure to ever get involved in a meaningful way when violence erupted is shameful.

When it comes to Charlottesville, I’m appalled at what took place. We need to push back every single time we see this kind of thing happening, whether it’s violence because of white supremacists or Black Lives Matter or AntiFa or KKK or any other group who promotes violence to get their point across.

To add insult to injury, we are now fighting with each other over what free speech is vs. what’s hate speech. Look, the Supreme Court (not Joe Messina) says that protests like this are free speech. End of discussion. I can’t change it. Do I hate this kind of thing? Yes, of course I do. But what scares me even more is a group of people trying to stop free speech or curtail it because of hate speech.

Who decides what is and is not hate speech? Do you really think the Left and the Right can come together and decide what hate speech is and what it is not? This is dangerous folks!

I don’t like what took place in Charlottesville and the people responsible for this should be made to pay for it in some way, shape, manner, or form. But to just lay blame on conservative Republicans and for the Left to act outraged all of a sudden is just plain disingenuous!

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