Dont mess with Texas! No Joke!

Proof you shouldn’t screw with Texas. They DEMAND law and order.

BOOM! Texas police just got a BIG surprise for illegals

More than a dozen Texas law enforcement agencies signed an agreement with ICE acting director Thomas Homan. It gives local law enforcement the ability to act as ICE agents and put immigration holds on criminal aliens. Before the Social Justice Warriors get all worked up, understand that under the agreement, local law enforcement is not expected to determine the immigration status of individuals during the course of daily activities, only when they process someone into a detention facility.

I recently shared a story with you about Travis County, TX. Sheriff Sally Hernandez, who has openly stated she won’t work with federal agents on illegal immigration. We also published a story about how her agency released a criminal illegal immigrantwho had an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer placed on him. The ICE agents had to go apprehend the individual at a house, which can expose them to unnecessary danger.

We also recently shared another story from Portland, Oregon, about a criminal illegal immigrant who had been deported some twenty times, yet continually reentered the United States — until he was arrested for raping a 65-year-old American woman.

Y’all know the story of Kate Steinle of San Francisco, yet the sheriff there supports maintaining sanctuary city status. And yes, y’all know that my own Dallas County, TX. commission voted 4-1 to be a sanctuary county. I guess that goes along with that United Nations’ Human Rights Council insanity.

With all that being said, I’m proud to tell you this story about real Texas law enforcement officers.

As reported by Fox News, “The acting director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency signed more than a dozen agreements with local Texas law enforcement entities on Monday, giving them the authority to perform certain functions as federal immigration agents.’

“Thomas Homan, who took over as the acting director of ICE in January 2017, signed 18 new agreements with Texas law enforcement agencies to allow officers to interrogate individuals who have been arrested because of their immigration status. Officers also will be able to place detainers on individuals.’

Read the rest at: LawEnforcement

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