California takes first Sanctuary City hit!

Calif. ‘Sanctuary City’ Lawsuit Against Trump Administration Dismissed

The city of Richmond, California, which sought to practice solidarity with neighboring communities by filling a lawsuit against the Trump administration’s crackdown on sanctuary cities, has had its lawsuit cast aside by a federal judge.

Judge William H. Orrick said the city, which is near Oakland and has a population of 109,000, has no standing to sue because it cannot show any impact form Trump’s executive order demanding that communities comply with federal immigration authorities.

“Richmond has not actually refused to cooperate or assist ICE, has not declined to honor any detainer requests, and has not otherwise hindered the enforcement of federal immigration law,” Orrick wrote.

“Given that Richmond’s policies have, apparently, had no practical effect on ICE’s immigration enforcement efforts, it is hard to imagine that Richmond is a high priority for the federal government’s efforts to discourage ‘sanctuary policies,’” Orrick wrote.

When the city near Oakland filed its lawsuit, it said it was acting on behalf of all small communities and standing up to the Trump administration.

“This is an unprecedented abuse of federal power and is full of arrogance by Washington, D.C., to break up the trust of the people of Richmond and the public servants that represent them,” lead attorney Joe Cotchett said in announcing the lawsuit, saying Richmond was at risk because it took federal money and had a large Hispanic population.

“This lawsuit was filed not just for Richmond, but on behalf of every little city not only in California but across the nation.”

Orrick was not impressed.

“(R)egardless of what its large Latino population might indicate, ICE has never asked Richmond for assistance enforcing immigration laws and has never issued a detainer request to Richmond police. Richmond has not alleged any facts supporting the contention that its large Latino population is likely to subject it to defunding under the executive order,” Orrick wrote.

Orrick said there has been no harm to Richmond.

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