BlackLivesMatter Releases HILARIOUSLY Racist Demand Listicle for White People

We now bring you a story of deranged hilarity meant to be serious. So check your privilege, bigot (see ‘Scientific’ Study Claims EVERYBODY is Secretly Gay. Yes, Really… and Congresswoman Calls Dana Loesch and the NRA ‘Domestic Threats.’ Yes, Really…) and enjoy the show.

An “anti-racist” (but actually super racist) organization is making demands based entirely on race. It’s Race-ception. Behold, a list of demands for white people from a Black Lives Matter group in Louisville. With some pithy answers for your enjoyment.

1. White people, if you don’t have any descendants, will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty.

The more you tell me what to do based on my race, the more I’d rather will my property to the neighbor children, who drive inspire me to build a house made of candy in the woods. That, or I’ll will my property to an industrious earthworm. Who at least serves some utility to the environment at large.

2. White people, if you’re inheriting property you intend to sell upon acceptance, give it to a black or brown family. You’re bound to make that money in some other white privileged way.

This is the second point about willing property. Are we living in a Jane Austen novel that I’m unaware of? Does that mean we’ll be addressing each other as “Mr.” and “Ms.” regardless of circumstance?

3. If you are a developer or realty owner of multi-family housing, build a sustainable complex in a black or brown blighted neighborhood and let black and brown people live in it for free.

How about we start by recycling Planned Parenthood clinics, strategically located in “black and brown” neighborhoods, as housing. Rather than kill centers for people of color. How much care credit points do I get?

Read the rest at: BLM

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