Why would a party cancel THOUSAND of voter registrations?

The Trump administration has the Democrats in Colorado in panic mode, but they are trying to hide it.

What started as a couple hundred voter registrations has exploded into over 3,300 registrations, a figure reported by the Colorado Secretary of State office, now being withdrawn ever since the announcement of Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity requested personal data on voters in June.

Even though the withdrawn registrations equal only .09% of Colorado’s 3.7 million voters, people close to the Democrat leadership are getting scared that this might spread nationwide, and they are trying to manage this potential firestorm now.

Working closely with the Colorado Democratic Party, Democrat National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez is trying to assuage the concerns of party members and convince registered voters to stay registered. The newly appointed, often foul mouthed Perez vows to fight this commission, and the president in any, and every way.

“If you un-register, you are giving a victory to proponents of voter suppression,” Perez said told one media outlet, as he tries to stem the tide of cancellations. “What we’re seeing in Colorado, we hope that doesn’t spread elsewhere,” said a DNC official. “That’s why we’re working on educating voters across the country about this. We’re not trying to incite panic, but the DNC itself is monitoring this situation and is concerned by what we’re seeing.”

This begs the question: why are Democrat voters canceling? Republicans have long claimed that the Democrats often play fast and loose with the voter rolls, and this adds fuel to that fire.

If there is no crime and nothing illegal going on, why would one pull their ability to support their party and make sure their voice was heard? Well, unless it wasn’t your voice, or your voice was not legally allowed to be heard. Stories after the election of people being prosecuted for voter fraud can not be helping Democrats.

Colorado is not the only state the feds want voter information from, but so far it is the only state that has seen major numbers of voter registration cancellations. The commission has also asked for data from all 50 states. So far, California, New York, Virginia, and Connecticut, as well as some red states, such as Oklahoma and Kentucky, are all pushing back against this request.

Read the rest at: Voter Fraud

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