What colleges are teaching for 1.4 trillion!

Americans owe over $1.4 trillion in student loan debt. That’s $600 billion more than all the US credit card debt combined! The average student loan debt is over $40k per student and is carried by less than 45 million students. I am not advocating for free college, but I am questioning it and saying maybe we need to rethink how we do education.

You’re sending your children (yes, I said children) to higher education institutions to be taught something. I just don’t know what, exactly.

Have you seen the issues your children are exposed to and the classes you can help your kids purchase with your hard-earned money and our hard-earned tax dollars? You might be surprised at how prevalent these are. They aren’t just an anomaly.

New York University Librarian says she has hit her “race fatigue” limit while being in the presence of “white people.”

Some want to create safe spaces to fight privilege at their universities. Sounds like a great environment for your kids, right?

Then there is Harvard University who wants to expel students who join “single gender” social clubs, fraternities, sororities, and others. Yup, the university has proposed completely eliminating all these and their “pernicious influence” on the students! How about they stick to teaching the core competencies?

A university professor wrote that citations in scholarly articles contribute to “white heteromasculinity” especially if they question research by women and people of color! What happened to accepting good research from “researchers.” Not black researchers. Not women researchers. Not black women researchers. And not black female lesbian researchers. Just researchers! The college where you spend your hard-earned dollars claims that by citing white men before others, you show your privilege. Is that even a class?

A quote often attributed to Jefferson (but disputed) states, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” If you really want to see what our well-educated kids are learning go to YouTube and check out the interviews that Mark Dice and others like him do. He asks young and middle-aged people simple questions about American history, politics, and current events. Be forewarned… you will need a barf bag and tissues!

Let’s play with a few more!

California State University will now be teaching Shakespeare through a social justice lens. Why? Because we need to see life through a more diverse lens to see how white privilege has influenced society over the years. How about just teaching the GREAT works and meanings of Shakespeare? Seriously!

Harvard will also be deleting the reference to Puritans from their alma mater. Why you ask? Because it’s not diverse or inclusive enough. The institution receives all that money each year and the only thing they can think of doing is to get rid of the reference of the school’s early history and what their founding fathers were.

Many colleges now have segregated graduations because nothing says inclusiveness and equality like segregation! Are these professors and administrators really educated?

A professor at Fairfield University has introduced a class on “The problem with Whiteness.” Seriously. A class that promotes telling you and your child that because you’re white you are the problem. But they have no problem accepting your white, ill-gotten money!

And one of my personal favorites, a professor at an institute of higher learning says its “white privilege to even admit you have white privilege.”

You’re spending BIG money for these Left Loons to indoctrinate your children this ridiculousness.

Why do you do it? You need to check the school’s history and what they are teaching before you send your kids there. I know some of you have said, every child should have a college experience. Does that include being tens of thousands in debt and still not knowing when the U.S. won independence from china back in 1964? (Yes, that was a real answer from a college student to a question about Independence Day!) Or that we weren’t in the Revolutionary War? Or even that we have over 700 Senators? What are you paying for?

To rub salt in the wound, nearly every high school counselor pushes you and your kids toward college. And many make you feel bad if you don’t help your child accumulate mountains of debt and support them in their endeavor to pile debt on.

In 2015 only 14% of college students were able to find work in their fields, which means, only 14% of graduates could pay their college debt. 50 to 75% of graduates find work but outside their field so they end up paying for services rendered that they can’t use! And they are pushed, poked, and prodded into believing this is the normal thing to do. Well it’s not.

You should be encouraging your kids toward jobs they are passionate about. If that involves getting a college degree, make sure the field has real industries, and the college has real studies. And equally as important, make sure the college is more interested in turning out students that are top in their field, not top in Social Justice Theory!

Help your kids succeed!

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