The Real Deplorables

“For whom much is given, much is expected.”  Luke 12:18

Mark Twain once said, “There is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress.”  To all the “Honorable” and esteemed Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen who claim honor, distinction, forthrightness, dignity, and exaltation…raspberries! Too many of you can not live up to your own bogus standards. You’ve earned your lousy approval ratings…11% in 2015 (Gallup) and still a dismal 21% in 2017 (Gallup).

You have disconnected your lives from the people you represent. A myriad of you probably don’t even know what a bar code is or even live in the district you represent. Yes, Maxine Waters, that’s you. You live in a $4.3 million mansion in the best part of Los Angeles. How the heck did you manage that with a 40-year career in government?  And you too, Mr. Osoff, who just lost an election for the 6th District in Georgia where you don’t even live. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have been paying attention.

Crime and corruption is no stranger to those in Washington. Some of the offenses committed or prosecuted while in office by the “honorable” people of our Congress and our government is staggering…felony tax evasion, wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, sexual misconduct, racketeering, drugs, conspiracy, extortion, money laundering, financial corruption, domestic violence, theft, bribery, second degree manslaughter, possession of child pornography, embezzlement, perjury, witness tampering, destroying evidence, obstruction of justice, intoxication and resisting arrest.

Remarkably, in my research, since the year 1900, I counted almost an equal division of convictions of major crimes by both Republicans and Democrats. At my count, 49 Republicans to 52 Democrats…fairly even for all intents and purposes. The most crime-free administration found was the Taft (R) 1909 – 1921. The record of crimes by people in government has skyrocketed from the Nixon administration on through the Obama administration. Whether that is because of increased oversight is hard to say.

The voters have given Washington a strong signal, a solid indication of how they feel about you and the government. They want smaller, more efficient government and fewer services. The people have come to realize that, especially with healthcare, if someone else pays the bills, then someone else calls the shots.  According to Rasmussen in 2010, 61% of voters believe tax cuts will grow the economy better than more spending and 59% believe that deficits hurt the economy.  Can anyone out there tell me what we got for almost a trillion dollars in Obama’s stimulus package?

And yet, you are either not listening or your ears are plugged because of too much time in the congressional swimming pool. President Trump is reaching for the drain plug and you are fighting him all the way with every bit of minutiae you can find. You swallow elephants from fellows Democrats, but choke on gnats from Republicans.  I understand it’s politics, but it stinks all the same! You people have your power struggles while the people get treated like bad dates.

Democrats gleefully claim that Republicans have no healthcare plan, yet work feverishly to prevent any plan from coming forward or refuse to submit any ideas of their own even while they know Obamacare is disintegrating. They evidently want Trump to own healthcare before the 2018 elections in spite of all the “dead” they say will occur because of it. Is it any wonder why President Washington abhorred even the thought of political parties? For all their sanctimony, the left will not tolerate Trump getting a better healthcare plan through Congress. Democrats want power more than a good healthcare system. First things first, I suppose.

Republicans promised good things if they had control over the House, great things if they also have the Senate and Heaven on earth if they manage to control the presidency also.  Well, we’re waiting.  President Trump seems to be the only one working.

Maybe it was a bad idea to create a city wholly devoted to government. It has become a sort of sanctuary for the bureaucrat, a hiding place for the deal makers, career politicians, and the over-priced sponges of society…the real deplorables, the “Honorable” Blah, Blah.

“For whom much has been given, much is expected”…Too bad there isn’t much that is expected anymore.

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