Praying in the streets: A sign of bad things to come

Don't ignore history!

Muslim, Islam, Prayer, NY, Brooklyn, Alpine Theatre
Muslim, Islam, Prayer, NY, Brooklyn, Alpine Theatre

At the start of Eid, Arabic Twitter was filled with photos of Muslims praying in the streets all throughout Europe and in America.

Arabic Twitter boasted about Islamic supremacy, but also how close they are to enforcing Islam on the world.

If any other group blocked streets or sidewalks and businesses, the police would never allow it. So why is it that Muslim have more rights than the rest of us?

The photo is in Brooklyn. Why are these men praying in the street when Brooklyn has 98 mosques? And some of the mosques in Brooklyn are “Mega Mosques” which can hold many thousands.

Added to the number of “officially” listed mosques, there are many “prayer spaces” throughout Brooklyn inside workplaces and there are even apartments rented out specifically meant to hold Muslim prayer groups. There is no reason to pray in the streets or on sidewalks.

But this is happening throughout America, not just in Brooklyn.

They pray in the streets for a reason. And it’s a very bad sign of things to come.

Muslims purposefully pray in the streets and public areas to make their presence felt and to show their superiority. They block traffic, they block parking, and they block pedestrian walkways.

And no matter how many mosques are built, they will continue to do this. This is how they take over entire neighborhoods, and then large blocks of cities. This is how “No Go” zones are formed in Europe. It is a well-designed system and it is based on the Islamic Doctrine on Immigration.

Muhammad outlined the rules for Muslims who immigrate. He stated that Muslims must form a separate body and keep their own laws and eventually make the host country comply with Islamic Laws.

Muhammad forbade Muslims to immigrate to a non-Muslim country if they are doing it to pursue their own personal gain. When Muslims immigrate they must do it with the ultimate goal of spreading Islam and making Islam victorious.

Muslim immigration is considered to be a transitional period of preparation for changing the native society from an open society to an Islamic society. 

My firsthand experiences with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya and Syria have taught me many things. One repeated lesson learned was the deviousness in which they gained access to every part of society and government — slowly, over time — almost unnoticed.

My husband and I had noticed the constant building of new mosques in Cairo—even though new ones were unnecessary. The existing mosques were predominantly empty at prayer times and on Fridays (Muslim holy day). There was no need for new mosques, yet they were being built.

Then the Muslim Brotherhood began bussing in men from the countryside. We found out later these men were paid. The Muslim Brotherhood has enormous sources of funding.

Did these men go inside the new mosques to pray? No, the new mosques remained empty and these men prayed in the streets and blocked businesses so that people could not shop or do errands.

Friday was my husband’s only day off, so for many years Fridays were the day we did errands and our marketing. But over time, shopkeepers were so intimidated (and often physically threatened) by these large numbers of men, that shopkeepers closed their shops during prayer times.

Then the buses began to arrive earlier. The men blocked businesses and threatened shopkeepers who tried to open at the normal morning hour. You see at first, shopkeepers only closed during “prayer times” to avoid conflict. But as the crowds of men began to arrive earlier, shopkeepers could no longer open in the morning.

Shopkeepers throughout Cairo began closing their shops on Fridays and during the week at prayer times. This happened slowly, this closing of shops—so many people didn’t notice—until it was too late to do anything about it.

Over time this invasion of men, all wearing the Islamic garb, became larger and larger. It was like an Islamic army, there were so many of these Islamic-attired men filtering into the streets. If you were not sitting in the street waiting for the call to prayer, you were attacked.

So it got to the point where we never left our apartment on Fridays until after 1:30 (after the “noon” prayer), because if we tried to walk about in the streets earlier, we’d get harassed.

So you can understand why I am alarmed at seeing men praying in the streets of America. But there’s more. If it has reached the point that Muslims are blocking businesses and not using the mosques, it means much more.

I have many Egyptian nieces. I’ve watched them grow up and go through various levels of education. Fifteen years ago, girls never wore a headscarf, and it was extremely rare to see a veiled woman. Over the years, my nieces began wearing headscarves at school. If they didn’t wear one, they were viciously harassed, groped, and sometimes, punched.

Only years later did we discover why this transformation took place.

The Muslim Brotherhood had slowly gained positions in our children’s schools and universities and they pushed religion more than other curriculum. Not only were they “dumbing down” our youth by depriving them of a solid base of history, math, science and English, they were slowly integrating Islam into the various courses (ex: ancient Egyptian history was replaced with Islamic history; English was replaced with Quranic Arabic).

The Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated slowly and sneakily. By the time January 2011 arrived, the Muslim Brotherhood were well placed throughout society. They even had control of the media—most especially the western media who were posted inside Egypt.

Westerners did not receive the truth about what took place in Tahrir Square in January 2011. That protest was about something totally different, not at all about taking down Mubarek. But the Muslim Brotherhood bussed in men from the countryside and brought in their Muslim Brotherhood Youth—who are incredibly well-trained activists.

Within three days the Muslim Brotherhood began their violence and their stranglehold on western media.

Within days, hands were being chopped off for buying a bottle of wine. Couples seen in “public” were murdered in the streets. Segregation of the sexes was enforced via violence.

There was an epidemic of wives being falsely accused of adultery with no witnesses, and executed on the spot.

Attacks on women and rape went up 1000% — to force them to wear the veil.

Muslim Brotherhood preachers went on TV announcing that any unveiled woman must be raped.

I could go on, but I think you understand why I am horrified at the sight of Muslims praying in the streets of American cities. It may not happen exactly as it did in Egypt, but the signs are there that prove to me your schools and universities have been changed. That mosques are being built when there is no need for new ones.

Islamic Centers, where Muslim children are taught Islamic Law, can be found throughout America. Why are American Muslims teaching their children Islamic Law? Because American Muslims are living by Islamic Law and want future generations to enforce Islamic Law.

Sure, they follow the traffic rules and basic laws so that they go unnoticed, but there are Shura Councils throughout America. Shura Councils are Islamic courtrooms. These courtrooms do not follow American law or democracy.

Muslims are living by Islamic Law in America. Whether your state has outlawed foreign laws or not—Muslims are living by Islamic Law and teaching their children to live by Islamic Law.

Remember the Islamic Doctrine on Immigration: Immigration must have the ultimate goal of spreading Islam and making Islam victorious. Muslim immigration is considered to be a transitional period of preparation for changing the native society from an open society to an Islamic society. 

In a 2007 report conducted by the New York Police Department entitled, “Radicalization in the West” the NYPD identified the implementation of Islamic Law and the establishment of a Global Islamic State (Caliphate) as the driving ideology behind jihadists in America. The report also stated that: “Regular attendance at a Salafi mosque is a key indicator of ‘radicalization’”.

The report stated that Salafists follow Sharia (Islamic Laws) and that Sharia states that jihad is obligatory for all Muslims.

The NYPD report also identified “signatures” of “Sharia Adherence”. These signatures are wearing traditional Islamic clothing, growing a beard for men; and for women, it’s wearing the veil or headscarf.

In another research study, it was found that 97% of jihadis adhere to Islamic Law. This adherence is measured in observable behavior including the wearing of Islamic garb, head scarf, and growing an Islamic beard.

The study stated that when you see an increase in ‘signatures’ identifying Sharia adherence, you will eventually see an increase in violence.

My personal experience can testify that this is true.

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Originally published at CheriBerens, updated to reflect more recent events.

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.