Obamacare premiums will BK most people!

Shock Map of Insurance Rate Hikes Released… Devastates Dems

By now it is no secret that Obamacare was a massive failure. However, after the release of a U.S. map that illustrates how much health care insurance rates have spiked, we can see just how bad The Affordable Care Act was for Americans.

A map released by The U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services shows the detrimental effect of the Affordable Care Act insurance mandates on individual premium payers.

The map and ASPE’s detailed report, released May 23, 2017, compared insurance premium rates from 2013 with those of 2017. The results are hard to swallow.

Out of the 39 states that participate in health insurance enrollment through Healthcare.gov, the insurance premiums have raised enormously across the board.

In Alaska during 2013, individuals were paying a monthly insurance premium average of about $344. In 2017, that average jumped up to $1,044. Arizona went from a $211 monthly average in 2013 to $611 in 2017.

North Carolina went from $240 to $662 in monthly premiums and West Virginia jumped up from $261 monthly in 2013 to $702 in 2017.

Arizona had a 190 percent increase, Alaska shot up by 203 percent and while some states like Alabama were hit the hardest with a shocking increase of 223 percent, nationally the 39 states that participate saw an overall increase of 105 percent.

“Comparing the average premiums found in 2013 MLR data and 2017 CMS MIDAS data shows average exchange premiums were 105% higher in the 39 states using Healthcare.gov in 2017 than average individual market premiums in 2013,” the official report found.

“The Trump administration late Friday blasted Obamacare as a failure after releasing final enrollment numbers for the federal health insurance exchange that were lower than the sign-up tally for 2016’s open enrollment season. A total of 9.2 million Americans signed up for plans sold on HealthCare.gov, which serves 39 states, by the close of open enrollment on Tuesday, officials said,” CNBC reported earlier this year.

In short, unaffordable insurance is being forced down American’s throats, thanks to Obamacare. This is why repealing the ACA is so important.

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See how your state fared with Obamacare by checking out this MAP

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