Morgan Freeman – call BS on racism!


In the interview Lemon tries to pull morgan into the “Oh WHOA is Me” clube
He tried to tell morgan that blacks cant get out of their situation no matter how they try.
Morgan would have none of it. He wasn’t grabbing the bait.

Morgan Freeman, we all know and love him as one of the few celebrities in Hollywood who calls it like it is. Him and a few others of color (including myself) see past the culture of race bait and victim-hood.

Freeman was in an interview with Lemon on CNN, where Lemon tried to convince Freeman that it’s okay to play the victim card. He states it might be to hard for some people to “pull themselves up from the bootstraps.”

Freeman put him in his place very quickly when he had a few choice words for the disgraced CNN host.

I for one applaud Morgan Freeman for seeing past color and calling out race baiting Don Lemon for what he is.

People in the African-American community need to wake up and realize that it doesn’t matter what color we are in this day in age. Playing the victim card won’t solve any problems but only cause more division within our country.

Sometimes i wonder if Democrats will ever start to understand this, but then the more I think about it I realize that as long as they stay tuned in to networks like CNN and other mainstream media outlets. They won’t get the truth, but be brainwashed into the liberal state of thinking.

The idea that all minorities are living in an oppressed system of government ruled by “Evil Whites”. *Shaking my head.*

His best line of the interview is when Morgan explains to Lemon that busses are leaving the ghetto every day! You just need to get on one and go!

Read and see the video at: Lemon Gets slammed

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